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A study into the nation’s lunchtime habits has confirmed the sandwich is still the UK’s favorite lunch, with the average Brit spending GBP48,339 on sandwiches over the course of their lives.

In fact, 56% of Brits eat at least one sandwich per day – with over a third having exactly the same filling every day.
The poll by Heinz Good Mayo found a BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato) was the nation's most beloved sandwich, with chicken mayo coming second. Third in the list was bacon, accompanied with ketchup or brown sauce – followed by ham and cheese – and then cheese and pickle.
The study found the perfect sandwich consists of white bread with the crusts left on – only 14% of Brits insisted on their crusts being cut off.
It will also be cut diagonally in half, with as much salad as possible stuffed in.
Many Brits have a penchant for more unusual combinations – leftover roast dinner, marmite and banana and onion ring and ketchup. 

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