It’s a Bakery Revolution: European Baker & Biscuit to Organize Europain Seminar

On behalf of our magazine, European Baker & Biscuit, I am happy to share that we are once again hosting a seminar at next year’s French trademark industry event, Europain, titled “The Bakery Revolution: The Science in Processing”.

The first industrial revolution saw the transition to new manufacturing processes in the 18th century, which essentially translated formidable breakthroughs in science into technological innovations. It forever changed the world of bakery manufacturing, with new means to mass produce ingredients and the baked goods themselves.

New manufacturing processes are now more than ever a hot topic in the industry, with an exponentially faster rhythm of developing technology innovations. As we’re navigating practical applications and benefits of turning factories smart, it is essential to analyze new bakery manufacturing processes today, and investigate opportunities to turn processes more efficient, minimize waste and save resources. These are all profit- and environmental-friendly measures at the same time, all must-have features in the next step up in food manufacturing.

Join Us in Paris!

As the industry is taking this step, we will be analyzing changes in manufacturing processes at the event in Paris, together with our expert guest speakers. Our seminar aims to bring discussions around new processes and how innovations are changing them, to the Europain Forum stage. The event will take place on Monday, February 5, at 15.45, under the theme “The Bakery Revolution: The Science in Processing”. We will be investigating how innovation radically changes baking processes to make them overall easier, faster, cheaper and smarter.

Pieter Doornbos, Product Sales Director with the Tromp Group, will be joining us as one of our guest speakers for the event. He will illustrate with improvements the company makes in this respect, pertaining to its cake production lines, and analyze production and service. His presentation will include an overview of technology innovations and expectations for the future.

Europain dedicates an entire new section to “Manufacturing” on February 3-6, 2018, to illustrate the extent of the creativity and innovation employed to satisfy rapidly changing markets.

The seminar follows the roundtable we at European Baker & Biscuit organized at Europain last year, on a comprehensive discussion about gluten-free baking and products.

We will announce new speakers here soon; for all updates about the event, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!

About Pieter Doornbos

Pieter Doornbos (54) is Product Sales Director at Tromp Group, headquartered in the Netherlands, and well-known in the industry since 1987. Within Tromp Group, he is responsible for Product Sales support to all the team members of the Sales Department. In addition, he is also responsible for the Sales in the product scope of Waffle & Funcakes production lines.

Photo caption: The roundtable organized by European Baker & Biscuit at Europain last year.

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