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Pizza topping automation includes solutions for sauce depositors, topping applicators and their respective conveying systems.


As the first generation of 11 graduates recently finished training at the PuratosBakerySchool in São Paolo, the specialist gives APB&B a guided tour of their schools in Brazil and India.


In Hong Kong, you stand in round-the-block queues, outside old-fashioned bakeries that have been around for years, to eat traditional Cantonese tarts, buns and cakes. You can find everything from delicate mooncakes and milk buns to char siu baos, or BBQ pork-filled buns, steaming up bakery windows. The boom in Western bakeries, thankfully, has done nothing to diminish the popularity of local delicacies. In fact, traditional and classic flavors are very much in demand. 


Fermentation is dependent on the environment where the dough is stored. To find out what are the main factors that have an effect on the dough fermentation and how do they influence the mature dough properties, we talked through the process with Alex Peña, director of product development at Bellarise (Pak Group).


The frozen bakery market makes up around 8% of the total frozen food market across the globe. The market is embracing more diversified operations, which offer sophisticated and healthy products.

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