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Weighing and packaging fragile biscuits is not easy; the most challenging part of the process is avoiding product breakage. To find out how these processes can be made more efficient, cheaper and faster, WorldBakers talked with Torsten Giese, marketing manager – PR + Exhibitions at Ishida Europe Ltd.  


Additives are often used in food products to ensure safety and the required level of quality throughout shelf-life. This article describes some of the important groups of enzymes used by the bakery sector. 

Three months after the official opening in May, Joergen Lundgaard, Lesaffre Managing Director, Asia Pacific, shares with us a “virtual tour” of the regional hub and the Lesaffre Singapore
Baking Center. 


The German cookie market is the fastest-growing of the major European economies. Gender-specific targeting will distinguish between value-conscious German consumers more effectively, as cookie consumption motivators vary significantly by gender.

The curry puff makes a grand appearance, immaculately stacked, on a serving platter. This humble pastry eaten throughout the day – be it at breakfast, as a snack after lunch or for tea –  has long secured its position as one of Malaysia’s favorite pastries.

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