GEA Optimizes Monitoring of Powder Flow

GEA Service recently launched its new Visiocover Upgrade Program for the safe visual inspection of non-sticky-powder processes, including in the food industries.

Visiocover is a transparent sanitary cover for visual inspection and process access, with a remote monitoring option based on the Sanicover hygienic design and compliant with EHEDG guidelines. This guideline has been created by European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group, a European-based non-governmental organization devoted to the advancement of hygienic design and food engineering.

Thanks to the embedded camera and lighting option, Visiocover can provide a detailed real-time view of the powder flow and fluidization, and can assist operators in optimizing shutdown and start-up procedures. The large, transparent cover allows an unimpeded view of the process. Embedded LED lamps and process-side air curtain ensure good visibility and make the Visiocover a solution for visual inspection, combined with access to the process.

An integrated wide-angle camera provides the control room to view the process, enabling the operator to obtain visual confirmation of the presence of powder or the degree of fluidization during start-up. During normal operation, many standard checks on the process can be performed from the control room.

The Visiocover can replace a standard Sanicover within minutes and will continuously monitor and record a section view of the equipment.

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