Small Business Transforms Waffles into Bread

The Smashed Waffle Company has broadened their offerings, which now include savory waffle sandwiches like Smashedwiches, transforming the classical waffle into a bread replacer.

“We expanded our menu to include not only the sweet waffle versions that people had grown to love, but also savory waffle sandwiches like Smashedwiches™ as well as ice cream Smashedwiches™,” co-founder Justin Cox said.

This expansion keeps The Smashed Waffle Company true to their vision of showing the world that the waffle is not only an amazing breakfast item, but showcases their belief that “Waffles are the new bread” to be enjoyed all day long.

To ensure a quality product, and to prevent the waffle from getting soggy, Smashed Waffles use a scratch-made dough base, vs. a traditional batter. The dough is then smashed into heavy-duty cast iron waffle “smashers.” The result is a crisp outer shell, and a soft, airy center that pairs perfectly with sweet and savory items.

The cafe will also serve premium roast coffees, NITRO cold brewed – kegged coffee, and freshly crafted, unique espresso-based lattes.

Founded in 2016 as a waffle delivery service, The Smashed Waffle Company caught the attention and delivered over 100,000 waffles in the following months. In November of 2017, co-founders, Hunter Harrison and Justin Cox, opened their first Smashed Waffle Cafe in Greenville, North Carolina. An additional Wilmington location is scheduled to open this spring.

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