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The second part of the Certified Advanced Training Course offered by the flour improvement and flour fortification specialist Mühlenchemie and its local partner Samin Nan Sahar brought together 18 representatives of the Iranian milling industry in Teheran, on July 19.

At the Sahar Bread School, the participants made a closer study of the theoretical and practical aspects of “Enzymes & Baking”.

The Certified Advanced Training Course given by Mühlenchemie and Samin Nan Sahar consists of three interconnected seminars. The first part, held on February 7, had 15 participants from the Iranian milling industry. The introductory unit, “From Flour to Bread”, formed the basis of a second course about “Enzymes & Baking”. On July, 18 participants attended this second course to learn theoretical and practical insights into flour improvement.

Iranian mills are currently facing major challenges, since they have fewer and fewer wheat suppliers to choose from, says the representatives of Mühlenchemie.

 They must take appropriate measures to offer their customers flours of constant quality.
“We exchanged information on flour improvement in an intensive dialogue, as theoretical training, and substantiated with several baking trials”, Nazim Hamed, Mühlenchemie’s area sales manager Greater Middle East, explained.
“All the participants in the first course also attended the second unit. That goes to show how important it is to ensure a dialogue between mills and the suppliers of materials they need,” he added. To continue this strategy, Mühlenchemie officially introduced its customers to Farzad Asalipisheh as the new “Sales Manager Iran”.

When participants have attended all three seminars they will be issued a certificate, according to Mühlenchemie. The third seminar, titled “Problem Solving and Claim Handling”, will take place in the fourth quarter of 2017. 

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