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AIB International partners with the Kansas State University’s Department of Grain Science and Industry IGP Institute to present a three-day FSMA-focused course, Manhattan, Kansas, US, from November 7-9.

The FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food + HACCP Integration for FSMA Compliance for Millers course was created for individuals whose grain mill facilities produce human food - especially QA managers, HACCP practitioners, food safety coordinators, plant managers, and others responsible for overseeing their company's food safety plan.   

Gary Burgess, General Manager Food Safety Services at AIB, said: “AIB International is proud to partner with the IGP to provide an engaging learning experience that meets this critical industry demand for food safety team leaders in FDA-regulated grain mills.” Senior management, HACCP teams, qualified individuals, and those in charge of regulatory compliance will find the practical tips they need to apply FSMA's preventive controls requirements to their HACCP plans.

“This unique training experience will provide grain millers with an integrated experience so that they fully meet FSMA’s preventive control qualified individual requirements,” said Shawn Thiele, Flour Milling and Grain Processing Curriculum Manager. 
Attendees at this course can learn about: 

  • Creating a food safety plan (HARPC plan);
  • Validating preventive controls;
  • Reviewing records for implementation and effectiveness;
  • Reviewing corrective actions;
  • Performing required reanalysis;
  • Applying FDA guidance documents to your product and process;
  • Aligning HACCP's preliminary steps with the HARPC Food Safety Plan;
  • Reassessing your existing HACCP hazard analysis to address additional requirements under HARPC;
  • Management components of identified preventive controls;
  • Requirements for food safety plan implementation records;
  • Records retention and availability requirements. 

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