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AB Mauri has launched a new global business division, specialized in fermentation and yeast innovation – AB Biotek.

The division develops specialty yeast solutions and has capabilities across a range of industries including biofuel, alcohol beverage and both animal and human nutrition.

Backed by a nearly 150-year tradition in fermentation, the new division is supported by AB Mauri’s 51 plants, its presence in 33 countries and sales in more than 90 countries, with global headquarters located in Peterborough, UK.

“AB Biotek represents a new frontier for us,” said John Evans, vice president of yeast innovation, AB Biotek North America. “We are excited about the future of yeast innovation and look forward to developing and delivering our world-class fermentation solutions to a variety of fields here in the U.S. and Canada.”

The division’s product portfolio includes a lineup of human and animal nutrition and supplementation yeast products.

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