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At the press event held in the first day of the trade fair in Düsseldorf, the company discussed the challenges facing the industries, such as nutrition, food safety, digitalization, and sustainability, and develop new solutions. The technology expert is presenting 25 innovations at the trade fair.

According to data presented, Bühler accounts for 60% of all chocolate products worldwide, 40% of all industrially manufactured pasta products, and 35% of all breakfast cereals, which are manufactured using plants and processes from Bühler.

The fifth generation Swiss family company presents integrated production solutions for manufacturing a variety of confectionery products, cereal bars, nut bars and cookies as well as roasted and ground coffee. “The market is characterized by rapidly changing trends, such as convenience products and healthier ingredients. Our solutions cover the complete spectrum—from small and medium capacities up to major industrial large-scale production—and provide the customer with the flexibility to respond to such trends,” said Johannes Wick, CEO Grains & Food at Bühler.


As Ian Roberts, Bühler CTO, underlines, “The food industry faces huge challenges. By 2050, we will have 9 billion people to feed. This will only be successful if we develop innovative nutrition solutions, for example in the field of alternative proteins, and if we achieve a massive reduction of the food losses through better preservation of raw materials and removal of contaminated materials. At the same time, we have to increase transparency and efficiency using IoT technologies and make the value chain sustainable. IoT offers the opportunity to optimize the value by reducing energy consumption and eliminating food losses.”

These topics are addressed by Bühler specialists and customers from all over the world in the “Bühler Global Village” at the company’s 1,700 sqm booth.

Challenges to overcome include covering the 50% protein gap, addressing under-nutrition (especially in pregnant women and under two-year-old infants), tackling obesity and antibiotic resistance. In order to accomplish this, the business strategies are driven by communication and collaboration, with customers, with other organizations, including competitors, Bühler stresses. The company’s target for sustainable value chains is 30% less waste and energy use.

The Service Completes the Range

At interpack17, Bühler is showcasing 25 product and process innovations. Highlights include the self-optimizing “Smart Chocolate Factory,” the new molding plant ChocoBotic for production of small batches and seasonal items, and the Solano roaster with integrated pasteurization. 


More information on the innovations introduced is available on the Bühler event page.

Bühler is also presenting new information about the worldwide application centers, where specialists help customers differentiate themselves in the market by developing new processes and products. The market leader also introduces its comprehensive range of services in the fields of customer service, training, retrofitting, and automation.   


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