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Papa John's International has announced the global expansion of “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza” brand in both Chile and Spain, through two recently signed expansion agreements with Drake QSR AG (Drake).

Papa John's has experienced rapid growth in Chile and has plans to continue to grow. Drake through PJ Chile SpA currently operates 55 restaurants and the recently signed agreement allows the franchisee to open up to an additional 45 units, for a total of 100 restaurants.

Drake has also signed an expansion agreement through PJI España Pizzerías S.L. (PJ España), which allows PJ España to expand outside of Madrid to all areas of Spain. Drake plans to end 2017 with over 40 open restaurants operating throughout Spain, including Barcelona.

Drake was awarded Papa John's Franchisee of the Year in 2015 and is one of the fastest-growing, most successful franchise business partners for Papa John's International, Inc.

Papa John's International has more than 1,650 international restaurants, including over 400 restaurants in 16 Latin American countries and is looking for potential franchisees in Brazil, Honduras, and the Bahamas.   

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