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Cargill Salt is opening a new potassium chloride production facility in Watkin’s Glen, New York, in late 2017.

The new potassium chloride investment was driven by food customers’ growing need for the ingredient. Cargill Salt will be able to supply potassium chloride to customers seeking to reduce the amount of sodium in their products. Potassium chloride can help enable sodium reduction rates of up to 50% in a wide range of applications, including baked goods, soups, ready to eat meals, snacks and sauces.

“Potassium chloride can help bakeries, food processors and food service operators dramatically reduce the amount of sodium in their products, while still meeting consumers’ taste and appearance expectations,” said John O’Dwyer, food product line manager, Cargill Salt.

Cargill’s investment comes as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration continues to recommend lower levels of sodium in the nation’s commercially processed, packaged and prepared foods.

“We have provided potassium chloride to our food customers for a long time. However, as demand continues to grow, we needed to upgrade our potassium chloride portfolio and capacity to provide the supply our customers need,” said O’Dwyer.

Sodium chloride (salt) plays a critical role in food. Beyond flavor, it impacts yeast and gluten development, texture, appearance and shelf life. Potassium chloride gives food manufacturers an ingredient that delivers all of those functional benefits, while also allowing consumers to enjoy the products they know and love with up to half the amount of salt. 

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