Baker & Baker Invests GBP2.9m in New Cookie Line

European bakery products manufacturer Baker & Baker has made a significant investment in one of the American Bakery style cookie lines at its Wirral site. The investment, totalling almost GBP2.9m, has been made over a number of months to increase capacity and introduce new machinery to improve the quality and output of the line.

The machinery installed includes a wirecutter, mixer and mixing bowls and weighing hoppers. New workspaces, including washrooms and sieving and de-boxing areas have also been created on the factory floor. At the end of January, two bulk silos were installed to complement the existing units on site, which contain bulk ingredients such as sugar and flour.

The investment will also see an upskilling of existing site teams to operate the new equipment, and eight new full-time positions have been created to manage the additional capacity.

Installation on the factory floor commenced in February and was completed in April.

Baker & Baker is a market leader in the American Sweet Bakery cookies category in the UK, serving customers throughout the retail, food service and wholesale channels. The investment signifies the business’s continual commitment to invest in its manufacturing operations to deliver a varied range of flavors and concepts with exceptional quality.

“We have extensive capabilities in manufacturing cookies across a variety of flavors and formats, and we continue to see strong demand from customers in the UK and Europe for both our own-brand and licensed cookies,” said John Lindsay, CEO at Baker & Baker. “This investment was necessary to ensure we have the requisite capacity to service customers both now and in the future, whilst maintaining the quality of product that our consumers expect.”

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