Food Matters Live Already Gathered Over 750 Food and Drink Industry Stakeholders this Year

Over 750 high-level representatives from the food and drink industry – including manufacturing, retail, food service, QSRs and challenger brands – together with 150 industry expert speakers, took part in Food Matters Live’s series of events spanning over a combined 5 days in the first half of 2024.

Held in Manchester, Ascot and soon also in Dublin, the Food Matters Live events are a distinctive networking platform for stakeholders from the food and drink industry. With over 10 years of experience, Food Matters Live hosts cross-category events consisting of innovative and thought-provoking panels, talks and roundtable discussions – led by expert speakers, confronting the key issues affecting the industry across the UK.

In addition, the events are specifically designed to create an opportunity for the food ingredients sector to showcase their solutions by convening, discussing, showcasing and tasting the latest innovations the sector has to offer.

“As many food businesses today grapple with current and emerging challenges, Food Matters Live provides a targeted and niche forum for hundreds of high-level food innovation professionals to connect, explore solutions and create winning formulas across food and beverage categories,” said Briony Mansell-Lewis, Managing Director of Food Matters Live. “In particular, our events provide a voice for the food ingredients industry to showcase its insights and taste experience as proof of concept, in shaping the future of the industry.”

Food Matters Live’s events thus far this year, through its wide selection of expert panel discussions, have presented holistic perspectives and solutions to emerging trends and challenges in food innovation, new technologies and sustainable sourcing.

During its “Sustainable Sourcing” programme in Ascot in April, Food Matters Live held a dedicated briefing on the EU deforestation law, which is set to enter into force on the 30th of December this year. These dedicated seminars examined best practices in sustainable sourcing and offered expert insights into consumer trends and retail forecasts, coupled with technical expertise and exclusive tasting workshops.

“It [Food Matters Live] was a great event that exceeded our expectations. The quality of speakers was great with relevant and insightful content. The audience was a manageable size for networking with a high caliber of attendees,” said Henry Ryan, Business Development Manager of Oritain, an attendee of the event in Ascot.

“The event, particularly the first day deforestation seminar was great. A really focused and informative session which brought the industry together on a really challenging and complex issue,” said Martina Dell, Head of Projects & Consultancy of The Sustainable Restaurant Association, who also attended the Ascot event.

Its most recent event last month in Manchester, tailored to service local food businesses in the area, delved into food innovation and new technologies. The event explored a diverse set of categories and themes – from ethically grown palm oil and new vegan, plant-based and hybrid solutions, to the latest developments in better-for-you, sustainable nutrition, new flavors, and food trends beyond 2030.

“The actual format and the way this is run [Food Matters Live] is great for us. The intimacy with the customer is fantastic – you get really nice interaction,” said Matthew Stokes, North Europe Design Director for International Flavours & Fragrances (iFF), an ingredient partner of the Food Matters Live 2024 event series.

In the autumn, Food Matters Live – together with leading ingredient innovators including Griffith Foods, AAK, IFF, Azelis, Beneo, Millbo and over 300 industry experts – will take to the stage in Ascot, Manchester, and for the first time – in Dublin. Getting food innovators ahead of the curve for 2025, the events will offer the latest expert guidance on the EUDR (EU deforestation law) and sustainable sourcing strategies, coupled with a deeper focus on food innovation and positive nutrition.

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