The gourmet division of the Barry Callebaut Group operates 19 teaching and training centers for artisans and professionals who want to improve their working skills in chocolate, in Asia Pacific.

Four of these centers have recently undergone a makeover to integrate a new visual brand identity.

The Chocolate Academy™ center in Shanghai is one of the newly upgraded centers. It is a training facility for pastry chefs and also a venue for the company’s key events. “As premium chocolate is fast trending in China, we have strengthened our Gourmet capabilities and expanded our offerings to meet the needs of the fast-growing segment of professional users of chocolate in the country,” according to a company statement. Barry Callebout introduced a digital marketing platform on China’s social media channel WeChat to bring together a community of chefs and chocolatiers across the country, enabling them to upgrade their skills and to network with other professionals.

Chocolate Academy™ Center in Singapore to Celebrate its 20th Anniversary

Singapore is unique for its array of cuisines with fusion flavors and aromas, including chocolate specialty shops that appeared in the last decade. This June, there will be an official relaunch of the Academy center here, to coincide with Barry Callebaut’s 20th year anniversary in the country. Today, the center is headed by award-winning chef Seung Yun Lee. It also has a lineup of guest chefs such as renowned chocolatiers Deniz Karaca and Hisashi Onobayashi, who will lead a series of courses in Singapore - gastronomic desserts and chocolate showpiece classes are amongst them. 

The Chocolate Academy™ center in Mumbai will host the first “Callebaut Patissier of the Year” Competition in India.

Last month, the new, relocated Chocolate Academy™ center in Mumbai, hosted an event for professional home bakers. Taking center stage this April, the center is the venue for the first edition of the “Callebaut Patissier of the Year” competition. Chocolatiers, pastry chefs and other chocolate professionals will gather at the center to showcase their skills and creativity working with chocolate.

Chocolate Academy™ center in Tokyo attracts online following

Chocolate Academy™ center is located in downtown Tokyo. The center was the first to get the new look amongst the four. The Chocolate Academy™ center in Tokyo brings trainees face-to-face to with past and future World Chocolate Master champions.  

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