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Frances Quinn, a former winner of the TV baking competition The Great British Bake Off, teamed up with Hambleton Bakery (UK) to cook up their second Guinness World Records title, in celebration of the Wimbledon finals at the July 15 weekend.

The bakers decided to create the world’s largest jam-filled biscuit, building it in the shape of a tennis racket and naming it the “Grand Slammy Dodger”.

The supersized biscuit needed to weigh a minimum of 25 kg in order to set the record. Quinn managed to serve up a whopping 26.76 kg snack and successfully took home the title.

The team had to get a bespoke cutter made to bake the biscuit in. "Thankfully, a wonderful blacksmith called Mark in Rutland created one for us to use," said Frances. "Getting the bake in and out of the ovens at Hambleton and weighing the final dodger on the industrial scales at the bakery was also somewhat of a technical challenge."

The attempt took place in the Hambleton Bakery in Oakham, Rutland, UK, and was judged by official Guinness World Records adjudicator Victor Fenes.

The Grand Slammy Dodger, which takes its inspiration from the popular British treat “Jammie Dodgers”, was then cut up and offered to guests at Hambleton Bakery shops for free.

Commenting on the Wimbledon finals, Frances said: "I would have loved Murray to have made the final, especially with the racket being made of shortbread! However, I was delighted Federer won and think he deserves his very own Grand Slammy Dodger with strawberries and Swiss buttercream!"

Back in March, the bakers set their first Guinness World Records title with the Largest Jaffa cake.  

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