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Kerry has developed TasteSense, a natural flavoring solution which builds back the sweetness that is lost when sugar is reduced. This allows consumers to enjoy the taste and mouthfeel that sugar delivers, without the negative labeling impact, says Kerry.

In recent years, a trend for healthier lifestyles has emerged and consumers have become increasingly aware of the ingredients in their food and drinks, according to a press release. As EU sugar consumption figures reach nearly 32kg per person yearly, sugar reduction has become the health trend under the spotlight. There is increasing pressure on manufacturers from consumers and legislators to reduce the levels of sugar in all products. However, while consumers want healthier foods with reduced sugar, they are unwilling to compromise on taste.

New research from Kerry has indicates that:

  • One in three European consumers are drinking less soft drinks than a year ago;
  • 52% of consumers buy less soft drinks, because of their high sugar content;
  • 60% of consumers are looking for more low sugar drinks;
  • Not all consumers are satisfied with the existing offers, 30% associate ‘healthier drinks’ with poorer taste.

While the beverage industry has responded to this demand by producing drinks with artificial sweeteners, the research shows that 63% of consumers are worried about the health impacts, with over half saying that they don’t like the taste.

Leigh Anne Vaughan, marketing director at Kerry Taste and Nutrition said: “Sugar doesn’t just add the sweet taste to a product, it is much more complex. It is also used to give some food and beverages the texture, and overall mouthfeel that consumers love. Many solutions offered cannot fully deliver the lost taste, and mouthfeel of sugar. Many also bring with them undesirable off-notes and aftertastes.” She adds that the new product has been developed to address these issues and solve these problems for manufacturers. 

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