Fortress Technology Unveils the Icon X-ray at PPMA 2024

Strengthening food safety programs globally, Fortress Technology will unveil its latest star performer at PPMA 2024, which takes place Sept 24-26 2024 in Birmingham, UK.

A fully integrated X-ray inspection system equipped with internal view cameras and an automatic reject device to optimise floor space, the Icon X-ray’s powerful performance and defining attributes reflect its symbolic status. Inspecting and rejecting packaged chilled, baked and confectionery products, the Icon X-ray deploys Fortress Technology’s proprietary IA+ algorithm. This gives the machine its unmatchable processing and detection power to adapt to variable-density products that present with metal, ceramic, glass and high- density plastic contaminants. IA+ also enables food processors to add future machine learning features.

Prioritising user safety, and with a constant inspection throughput of up to 200ppm, the Icon X-ray features internal cameras to vigilantly monitor product status and immediately address any operational bottlenecks. Processors can select optional transparent high-density windows on the sliding access panels that fully shield operators from X-rays as they observe the inspection process. The X-ray 6mm-thick stainless steel cabinet comes equipped with proper shielding, mitigating the costs associated with post-purchase safety modifications. Robust, hygienic and easy to clean, the Icon X-ray also comprises a fully-enclosed, maintenance-free air-cooled generator. As well as maximising detection sensitivity, this generator is proven to significantly extend the lifespan of the X-ray generator. The Icon X-ray’s ultra-hygienic design supports sanitation processes and increases plant productivity and food safety, with bevelled, easy clean surfaces to promote water run of, speed up drying time and prevent cross contact contamination.

Fully-contained panels ensure that no cables are exposed to dust and other particulates. As a result, the Icon’s framework can withstand repeatable, high-pressure, high-temperature jet sprays, wash-downs or steam-cleaning procedures. The electrical panels are also dust tight and safeguard components from moisture damage. Additional time-saving sanitation features include easily removable magnetic X-ray curtains, a quick release tight-fitting conveyor and IP69k-rated sensors. Data integration and reporting is included as standard.

For enhanced connectivity, processors have the option to incorporate network communication adapters to integrate with existing systems and support real-time data sharing and analysis. Uniquely, the Icon X-ray software automatically incorporates every UK retailer COP that exists, integrating into a testing software preprogrammed into the machine menu. Facilitating seamless user interactions, the Icon X-ray’s 10-point touch industrial capacitive touchscreen display is responsive and reactive. The ability to react, swipe, zoom and select an instruction saves time, minimises stoppages and increases productivity.

To run tests, production operatives simply select the retailer and product being inspected on the touchscreen, run a calibration and QA test, pass the test packs through the X-ray, confirm rejection and remove from the reject bin. “The Icon is truly an inspection gamechanger. It adds a new level of food safety and traceability now no longer reserved for the most elite food brands,” said Sales Director Phil Brown The Icon X-ray comes with Fortress Technology’s highly-valued Never Obsolete guarantee, ensuring equipment longevity and cost-savings for customers.

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