Ingredion Bites into Consumer Trends at SNACKEX 2024

Ingredion is set to showcase a lineup of snack innovations at SNACKEX 2024, each designed to meet the modern consumer’s craving for snacks that are not only convenient and nutritious but also indulgent and sustainable.

Ingredion’s approach to modern snacking

As routines have changed and become more fluid, with the lines between meals and snacks blurring, consumers are gravitating towards snacks that not only save time but also offer nutritional benefits and satisfy their cravings for indulgence. This shift is rooted in a broader move towards mindful snacking — where consumers are more conscious of their choices, opting for snacks with less fat, less sugar, and more beneficial ingredients like protein and fibre. The rise in ‘snackification’ is a direct response to these changing lifestyles, serving as a mechanism for nourishment, mental and physical performance, and even stress management, with research highlighting that around half of European consumers snack to cope with stress.1
Responding to these insights, Ingredion has developed ingredient solutions that cater to the dual need for healthful, better-for-you options and the sensory appeal of indulgent snacks.

Concepts unveiled by Ingredion at SNACKEX 2024

Falafel spiced quinoa crisps
Beetroot and horseradish crackers
Tomato crackers
Carrot clouds
Curry and coconut high protein bar
High protein cracker
Paprika crunch chickpea

At SNACKEX 2024, Ingredion will unveil an array of food concepts that deliver the balance between nutrition and indulgence. These concepts feature an array of new and innovative ingredients aimed at addressing consumer demand. These ingredients include VITESSENCE Pulse proteins, VERSAFIBE 285 soluble corn fibre, HOMECRAFT Prista P101 pea flour* and PRECISA CRISP 38 starch.

The recently launched VITESSENCE Pulse proteins offer high protein content with the added benefits of fibre, making them ideal for developing snacks that are nutritious, satisfying, and align with consumer trends towards healthier eating habits.

The Prista pulse ingredients, manufactured via a proprietary deflavouring process by Ingredion, empower food and beverage manufacturers to develop great-tasting, protein-enhanced snacks without the off-flavours inherent in conventional dry-milled pulse ingredients. In other product formulations evaluated by a trained descriptive analysis panel, the innovative new Prista ingredients impart improved sensory attributes and a cleaner flavour profile, reducing the bitter taste and raw plant flavour associated with conventional pulses.
With simple labelling such as ‘pea flour,’ ‘pea protein’ or ‘faba bean protein,’ the ingredients offer non-GMO assurance and are derived from pulses not regulated as allergens (e.g., pea, faba bean and lentil), making the pulses a great option for formulation of  plant-based, clean label, low-fat, reduced-fat, ‘better-for-you’ and keto-friendly snacks.

VERSAFIBE 285, meanwhile, is a soluble corn fibre known for its versatility in formulating a variety of textures and nutritional profiles in snacks. Additionally, HOMECRAFT Prista P101* pea flour and PRECISA CRISP 38 food starch are notable for their ability to deliver texture and taste profiles desired in snack products, while supporting nutritional profile.

To learn more about Ingredion’s solutions, please visit stand 412.

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