Koenig Brings the “Five Senses” Experience to iba

Koenig designed its iba booth under the theme ”Five Senses” to highlight the fact that “When we enjoy bread, we are using all five of our senses.” Visitors can explore the world of baking with all their senses in the “Five Senses” lounge, on the “Five Senses” path and discover the endless opportunities of high-performance baking equipment on their booth, at B2.370, B2.570.

Koenig will focus on solutions for improved flexibility, automation, efficiency and hygiene, showcasing equipment that supports bakers in energy efficiency savings, increased production output, flexibility in types of products and unprecedented hygienic design for quick daily cleaning, minimum wear and reduction of downtimes.

The company will also showcase a new generation of roll production lines with a revolutionary design combining it all in the KGV EC: high-speed operation, hygienic design and flexibility with a modular design principle. The KGV EC bread roll line is the continuation of Koenig’s developments of the last years in the “Easy Clean” series. The KGV EC offers a range of unlimited different products from Hamburger rolls, dinner rolls, stamped rolls, rose rolls, pretzel rolls up to cut rolls or convoluted rolls. Configurations for other products are possible and the variety is endless.

The line is available in various working widths and features a performance of 36,000 pieces per hour in various shapes: stamped, flattened, longrolled etc. The modular design enables unlimited product variety for customers with components such as stamping station, customizable pre-proofer, forming station, seeding unit etc.

The KGV EC offers maximum line availability through reduced cleaning cycles and thus minimized downtimes of the line. The “Easy Clean” design ensures optimized hygiene and accessibility with a new type of frame structure. With sloping surfaces at a 45° angle, neither flour nor dough residues can build up. The drives are completely encapsulated from the dough area and large door elements offer easy access for cleaning and maintenance. The line has a generous floor clearance of at least 200mm and pull-out drawers under the entire system al-low easy cleaning. When designing the line, welded constructions were preferred to bolt joints. The KGV EC is robustly made of Nirosta stainless steel and plastic parts for a long service life.

Modules such as stamping station, proofer and forming station are in an open design for easy access, the forming tools are easy to remove and can be stored for protection on a separate storage trolley.

Decorative cuts on breads give a bakery’s products a characteristic trademark and ensure that the baked goods look appealing. To simplify and automate cutting technology for bakeries, Koenig offers automation and gentle dough handling for efficient operation with the innovative iSCORE bread scoring system. Highly sophisticated technology makes the iSCORE system one of the most advanced scoring systems on the market that simulates and even improves the skills of a master baker. With automated cutting and “artificial intelligence” functions, bakeries can save valuable resources, such as manpower, time and dough, as no residual dough is produced during the high-precision cutting.

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