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Concern over the number of trainees is now an ongoing issue in many industries, including bakery and confectionery, and südback organizers and partners decided to be actively involved in the recruitment and training process.

Although nationwide advertising campaigns for training in craft trades are winning marketing prizes, they have not yet been sufficiently successful at the grassroots level. An industry event such as südback, the most important trade fair magnet for the bakery and confectionery trades in 2017, is therefore far more than a marketplace for bakeries and their suppliers. The topic of trainee recruitment will be a focal point in many exhibition areas. 

"A large number of the available training places cannot be filled at present," said Andreas Kofler, managing director of the State Association of Guilds of Württemberg Bakers, one of the industry partners of südback. "It is all the more important to reduce the relatively high number of dropouts from training. This is an important objective for us," emphasized Kofler. The Association wants to generate even more enthusiasm for the bakery trade among trainees at südback. "We are inviting vocational schools to experience at the trade fair the opportunities which are available in the occupations." Class teams each comprising five vocational trainees will be able on an open stage to show südback visitors how innovatively they are already working as apprentices in the bakery trade.
Bakeries, which attend the trade fair in Stuttgart with both their management team and apprentices, are also showing their appreciation for young employees. The fact that young bakers can pursue a career in the learnt profession after their apprenticeship instead of changing jobs can therefore also lead to a positive decision after visiting südback. For confectioners südback is a piece in the mosaic of their trainee recruitment. "We now have a situation where there are more applicants than training places," said State Guild Master Klaus Vollmer. "It is now necessary more than ever to maintain the motivation of young people at a high level. 

Attractive concepts for recruiting young professionals will be showcased by the advertising association of the German bakery trade on the BÄKO stand at südback this year, while BÄKO Head Office of Southern Germany will itself present practical tips and practical examples. 

According to Holder Knieling, manager director of BÄKO Head Office of Southern Germany, the association is currently examining findings from new market studies.

According to these findings, young people up to their mid-30s prefer snacks to bread and pastries, but like to buy sandwiches and filled rolls. Kids and teens prefer fast food and burgers. This shows that target-oriented and in-depth snack assortment planning pays off.
Craft bakers have "good to very good market opportunities" here. Knieling's list of "winning choices" included sweet American bakery products, croissants, filled sandwiches and rolls, burgers, hot dogs and other savory snacks.

Visitors to südback will also see practical examples of new raw materials and refinement ingredients in the "Ideas Bakery" and in the "Snack Express". BÄKO will combine the topics of bread culture and snacks in "bakers' burgers" and "stuffed bread", and will show trade visitors that the bread roll is not the "filling carrier", but the star that makes a decisive difference to the benefit of craft bakeries. BÄKO will again be supported by star chef Johann Lafer in its aspiration to further increase the snack making skills of the bakery trade. On September 23-25, visitors to südback will be able to experience Johann Lafer live during cookery shows on the BÄKO stand.

südback is a traditionally a place for several competitions and industry awards whose presentation ceremonies will be held on all four days of the trade fair from September 23 to 26. 

Ulrickh Kromer, President of Messe Stuttgart, said that the Südback Trend Award will be presented for the 11th time overall on Saturday afternoon. The Carlo Wildt Cup for young confectioners will be staged for the 12th time, while young talented bakers will compete against one another with their best recipe ideas in the Baking Star Contest.

The BakerMaker Award, which will now be presented for the fifth time for outstanding company training concepts, has become established and is supported by südback as the premium sponsor. südback also offers a forum to the renowned Zacharias Prize which, for more than 25 years, has honored exemplary PR and marketing campaigns by craft bakers and confectioners, as well as their guilds and trade associations.

The Trend Forum of the Baden-Württemberg Regional Association of Confectioners' Guilds will be specially aimed at the craft confectioners among the trade fair visitors. The Carlo Wildt Cup for apprentice confectioners will also be staged during the Trend Forum on every day of the trade fair.

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