ADM Partners with Ooni Pizza Ovens to Incorporate Regenerative Agriculture into Pizza Flour Production

ADM announced a collaboration with Ooni Pizza Ovens, the creator and leader of the at-home pizza oven market, to introduce an exclusive line of flour produced using regenerative agriculture practices.

ADM launched its regenerative agriculture program in the UK in 2023, working with farmers to support an outcome-based farming approach that protects and improves soil health, biodiversity, climate and water resources while supporting farming business development. UK producers who enroll in ADM’s programme receive guidance and incentive payments for each hectare farmed using regenerative farming methods, such as planting cover crops to allow more carbon to be stored in the soil. 

This new collaboration brings ADM’s regenerative agriculture efforts together with Ooni’s mission to bring exceptional pizza-making experiences to homes worldwide. Ooni has revolutionized the home cooking experience with its range of high-quality pizza ovens designed to elevate the joy of being together. With the integration of ADM’s regenerative agriculture wheat into their product offering, Ooni is set to elevate the home pizza-making experience, enabling enthusiasts to create pizzeria-quality pizzas with a flour farmed in a way that seeks to reduce its environmental footprint. The new line of flour will be available through Ooni’s UK website and select retailers, making it easier for home chefs to access professional-grade ingredients that align with their values.

“We are thrilled to be working with Ooni, a company that shares our vision for a more sustainable food supply chain and an unwavering commitment to quality,” said Ashley Fuller, commercial director, ADM Milling. “ADM’s distinctive position spanning the wheat to flour value chain in the UK gives us an opportunity to help minimize environmental impact from farm to customer. We’re proud of our global regenerative agriculture efforts, which expanded to more than 2.8 million acres in 2023, and we’re excited to work with great partners like Ooni to bring the value chain together to deliver the benefits of this important work.”

“Collaborating with ADM helps Ooni in our mission to make it easier than ever for home pizza makers to get the ingredients they need to make awesome pizza, while also respecting and protecting our planet,” said Claire Grant, senior project manager groceries, Ooni Pizza Ovens. “As part of our commitment to becoming a regenerative business, Ooni Type ’00’ pizza flour will be produced in British mills using only electricity from renewable sources. We are also working with farms that use a range of  regenerative farming practices. This partnership is more than just flour; it’s about how we’re committed to making a positive impact on the environment and helping meet our customers’ needs with the highest quality ingredients.”

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