Dawn Foods Launches Non-sticky Icing

Dawn Foods, a global leader in bakery manufacturing and distribution, announced an extension to the Pak Perfect Non-Sticky range for the baking industry. Dawn Exceptional Pak Perfect Non-Sticky Icing is a patent-pending solution for bakery manufacturers that delivers perfectly iced bakery items, even when packaged. 

Similar to the Donut Glaze in the range, the Pak PerfectTM Non-Sticky Icing improves the appeal of packaged iced bakery items, guarantees a shelf life of at least 5 days and is freeze and thaw stable, resulting in additional sales opportunities and significant waste reduction in stores. In addition, the Pak Perfect Non-Sticky Icing differs significantly from traditional fat based icings in caloric value, because it is fat free. It can be applied on any bakery item that has high water activity, like cinnamon rolls and eclairs.

“We are very proud to extend our Non-Sticky range, enabling our customers to create more bakery applications with a clean and non-sticky appeal in pack”, said Christopher Ries, Category Marketing Manager, Wet Ingredients, for Dawn Foods Europe & AMEAP. “The additional feature of the product being fat free, is a great benefit for bakery manufacturers looking to improve the nutritional profiles of their bakery items with icing, while improving the eating experience (no fatty mouthfeel) for the consumer.”

Dawn Foods has filed for and is awaiting final approval on a global patent.

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