Unifiller Unveils the Pro4000i Heavy Duty Food Depositor

Unifiller, an innovative manufacturer in the food production technology, launched the Pro4000i, a heavy duty food portioning depositor offers unmatched precision, efficiency, and versatility for food producers worldwide. This advanced machine boasts Unifiller’s largest single deposit capabilities, a versatile range from 445 mL to 4440 mL, ideal for commercial kitchens, institutional catering and other food manufacturing facilities.

The depositor is capable of clean depositing of relatively viscous to liquid products with and without particulates such as batters, sauces, delicate mousse fillings, pasta sauces, soups, deli salads and dairy products. It also boasts a remarkable depositing speed, up to 60 cycles a minute, reducing production time while maintaining consistent quality. The Pro4000i features the highest food safety design that simplifies maintenance and cleaning, keeping production lines running smoothly, longer.

“We’re excited to introduce the Pro4000i to the food production industry,” said Sonia Bal, Director of Global Marketing at Unifiller. “This innovative machine represents a significant step forward in our efforts to support the food processing industry, offering our customers the tools they need to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and produce high-quality food products. Available in both a low-level and a high-level model, the machine is a great fit for form, fill and seal lines or large tub/bag portioning. We’ll be showcasing the machines at various trade shows in the upcoming months.”

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