Bridor and Maison Lenôtre Launch New Gourmet Mulled Wine and Chestnut Bread 

French bakery manufacturer Bridor has launched a new Mulled Wine and Chestnut Bread for caterers looking to create outstanding canapés this Christmas. While mulled wine is a drink originating from Germany, it is now enjoyed worldwide, particularly at Christmas markets and festive gatherings, where it has gained widespread popularity. Bridor’s new Mulled Wine and Chestnut Bread, in collaboration with Maison Lenôtre, will provide caterers with an innovative base for their canapés over the festive period, giving foodservice providers an opportunity to tap into the popularity of the flavour which has become synonymous with Christmas. 

Since 1997, Bridor and Maison Lenôtre have combined their expertise to offer professionals exceptional products, merging the sophistication of Lenôtre with the precision of Bridor.

The new Mulled Wine and Chestnut Bread comes pre-baked in a stone deck oven and is made with a unique selection of ingredients:

Red wine (18%) is added to the kneader to give the crumb a lovely pink colour and refined aroma.
Generous chunks of chestnuts (10%) are incorporated in the recipe, giving it a slightly crunchy texture.
“Mulled wine” spices (cinnamon, ginger and zesty spices) give it character and unmistakable flavour.

The bread comes in a long, slender shape that is ideal for slicing before being used as a base for sweet or savoury recipes. Each 130g loaf makes around 20 slices, one centimetre thick, an ideal format for caterers to create delicious canapés and impress diners at cocktail parties, corporate functions, or dinner parties.

Erwan Inizan, UK Sales Director at Bridor said: “Our new Mulled Wine and Chestnut Bread is a product we’re really excited to launch because it gives caterers a new way to create canapés that are original and will impress diners. The new bread reflects our dedication to provide caterers and foodservice providers with unique products that suit a host of different occasions, and we hope our customers are inspired to include it on their menus. Our long-standing relationship with Maison Lenôtre is built on shared values, passion and creativity, and launching the new bread in partnership with the French patisserie house is testament to our commitment to delight caterers with distinctive and inspiring products.”

The bread can be used for sweet and savoury recipes and goes particularly well with foie gras, cheese and even chocolate. Chef Pierre Koch, Bridor EMEA Executive Chef, has created three new canapé recipes using the Bridor Une Recette Lenôtre Professionels Mulled Wine and Chestnut Loaf.

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