Bridor Partners with Milka to Launch New Chocolate Swirl Pastry

French bakery manufacturer Bridor has collaborated with iconic German chocolatiers, Milka, to launch the new Swirl with Milka Chocolate. The all-butter puff pastry swirl gives caterers and retailers the opportunity to serve customers a unique, delicious pastry from one of the world’s most recognisable chocolate brands. With Bridor research showing that 87% of UK consumers surveyed want to eat this product, it’s a real opportunity to offer a pastry that’s already proven to be popular among shoppers and diners. Furthermore, the combination of Bridor’s Viennese pastry know how and Milka’s smooth, creamy chocolate, makes for a product that’s perfectly suited to breakfast or snacking occasions, with 87% of British consumers saying that this product would be perfect as a snack.

Milka has been creating gourmet chocolate made with Alpine milk since 1903 and research shows that it is a widely recognised and a beloved brand across Europe. The new Swirl with Milka Chocolate combines a light and flaky Viennese pastry and a smooth pastry cream, with Milka chocolate chips made from palm oil free, and 100% sustainable cocoa.

Available in boxes of 66, the 95g pastries come frozen and ready to bake in 16-18 minutes at 165-170°C following a period of 35-45 minutes at room temperature. Bridor has also designed branded, recyclable greaseproof paper bags to accompany takeaway sales, as well as repositionable stickers to catch the eye of consumers.

Erwan Inizan, UK Sales Director at Bridor said: “We are excited to be bringing the Swirl with Milka Chocolate to the UK following its great success in France. Milka shares our dedication to producing exceptional quality products with responsibly sourced origins and we are delighted to have collaborated to bring caterers and retailers a delicious pastry.”

Bridor was established in France in 1988 and is a leader in the premium bakery manufacturing industry and is renowned for producing high quality products inspired by baking cultures and cuisines from across the globe.

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