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The new method for the Brabender GlutoPeak enables good correlations with known measuring values for flour analysis, such as protein content, wet gluten, water absorption and the Alveograph W value, the company announced. 

The Brabender GlutoPeak provides a “rheological fingerprint” of the analyzed flour sample, in just a few minutes.

It measures the aggregation behavior of the gliadin and glutenin proteins in a sample, to describe their baking properties. In particular, the peak time until the maximum torque is reached, and the height of the peak provide significant information about the tested sample. Strong gluten produces rapid, high peaks. Weak gluten shows later, flatter peaks, or in extreme cases, no peaks at all, for example with biscuit wheat.

Rheological measurement with the GlutoPeak is performed by measuring the torque, which results in good correlations to other more time-consuming rheological methods. Hence, conclusions can already be drawn on the gluten quality and its specific features before embarking on ‘analytical differential diagnostics’, with instruments like Farinograph, Extensograph and Amylograph.

A new evaluation option, the Rapid Flour Check, has now been developed to expand the evaluation parameters. With only 9g of flour and 9g of distilled water, the new method provides good correlations with the protein content, wet gluten, Farinograph water absorption and Alveograph W-value, in addition to the general and extended evaluation points. 

Benefits at a glance:

-           It can be useful for breeders to aid in rapidly screening gluten quality in early generation breeding lines, especially when considering the small sample size requirement.

-           Grain traders and millers can use the GlutoPeak to efficiently manage their incoming raw materials and silo occupation, or to control process adjustments within the mill.

-           For bakers, the device can be used for rapid analysis of incoming raw materials and for checking specifications.

-           Researchers can rapidly characterize gluten aggregation kinetics and associated parameters for a more in-depth exploration of flour functionality and performance potential.



The solution analyzes peak times until the maximum torque is reached, and the height of the peak: a short peak time and a high maximum signify a strong gluten quality. A late peak time and a low maximum signify a weak gluten quality.


The parameters and the results can be of use for breeders, millers or bakers. For breeders, benefits include the small sample amount and the many results (protein content, gluten content, W-Value, water absorption) provided simultaneously.


The characteristics of the new method:


  • Sample amount of 9 g dist. water and 9 g flour  
  • Speed: 2750 rpm  
  • Water bath temperature 36°C  
  • Test time < 5 min.  
  • New evaluation: “Rapid Flour Check” - Protein, Gluten, W-Value and Water absorption results in less than 5 min
  • New offset and factor – function - Use the possibility to adjust the GlutoPeak results


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