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Brabender introduces its automated water dosing system for the Farinograph-TS: Aqua-Inject, which can help with precision, the company announces.

In the 300-gram mixer, accuracy of 0.25ml can be achieved. This is achieved thanks to a new technology, in which a miniaturized rotating turbine measures the flow rate of the water being dosed. The integrated heating module makes temperature control superfluous during dosing, ensuring constant water temperatures in your lab processes.

According to the producer, this increases the accuracy and reproducibility of the results, as any possible effects that ambient temperature may have on water dosing are eliminated. Automatic titration instead of manual dosing removes discrepancies caused by humans at a stroke, and ‘adieu burette’ also brings with it two safety arguments: usage errors are minimized, and glass breakage as a possible critical hazard point for food processing operations is ruled out at this stage. Aqua-Inject simplifies operation for laboratory staff and it also reduces investment costs, says Brabender.

The Aqua-Inject has been designed as an add-on module for use with Brabender’s Farinograph-TS. It can however also be adapted for use with the E-series Farinographs (with USB connection). However, in this instance, connection to the MetaBridge Controller is required, whose software then controls the Aqua-Inject module.

Today, reliable and reproducible testing of processing characteristics and quality of flour products is a basic requirement in the milling and baking industry, to ensure continuously optimized flour quality when producing the widest variety of baked or pasta products. The Brabender Farinograph has been designed and specialized for this task over the course of decades, making it a widely used piece of equipment for determining the properties of wheat flour and rye flour. The TS generation is the latest addition to the Farinograph range from the company based in Duisburg, Germany. It is distinguished by its space-saving compact housing shape, and ease of operation with its plug and play functionality. Its modular design is optionally available with a touch screen. The Farinograph TS features the MetaBridge software as standard. 

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