Commercial Food Sanitation Announces Hygienic Design Certification

Commercial Food Sanitation (CFS) is adding to its portfolio of training certifications with its new Hygienic Design Certification. The CFS Hygienic Design Certification will enable participants to gain the tools and skills to apply, improve, and maintain hygienic design in their food processing facilities.

The Hygienic Design Certification is the first of its kind and combines digital learning with in-person training sessions. Participants will complete five prerequisite online modules, an in-person Hygienic Design Training (HDT) session at one of the global training locations, and additional online modules to deepen hygienic design knowledge. The recertification program—required every three years—will ensure that certification holder’s education stays up to date.

Earning the CFS Hygienic Design Certification builds professional credibility, provides career advancement opportunities, and proves the participant’s knowledge and commitment to hygienic design. For food manufacturers, applying hygienic design principles enables operational excellence, improves efficiency, generates savings, and increases uptime.

“This is a major advancement not only for food professionals, but the food industry as a whole,” said Commercial Food Sanitation General Manager Darin Zehr. “This certification builds upon the foundation of our Hygienic Design Training, and we know that when companies are following hygienic design principles, their food safety risk is reduced.”

The Hygienic Design Certification is the second certification offering from CFS. Along with the company’s Hygienic Design Training and Sanitation Essentials Training, CFS has trained over 4400 food professionals.

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