E-Guide Dough Production 4.0: Improved Production Reliability and Flexibility through Automation

Read the E-Guide ‘Bowl Management & New Logistics Systems – Dough Production 4.0’ now and get ready to revolutionize your dough production process!

Find out how to optimize your logistics planning and streamline your operations. Staying on top of the trends means expanding your product portfolio and increasing efficiency. Smart logistics planning, new room concepts, and the automated “AGV” solution offer you the chance to take it to the next level and position more securely for the future.

The integration of a digital bowl management system offers greater process and production reliability by supporting the personnel at recipe-dependent logistics. By coupling this system with driverless transport vehicles, so-called Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), you reach the next level in production logistics!

AGVs navigate driverless and environmentally safe in space, transporting heavy mixing bowls from station to station or lifting them into racking systems. The integrated lifting function enables the implementation of smart room concepts due to space saving options!

Discover why you can cut downtime by up to 90% compared to other automated dough production processes, gain incredible flexibility, and find out when it’s time to switch to one or both of these game-changing systems!

The DIOSNA E-Guide includes:

  • how to improve efficiency in dough production through smart logistics planning and automated logistics solutions
  • why digital bowl management can enhance process and production reliability
  • and which system is appropriate for your needs


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