Pecan Deluxe Launches DDP to Deal with Brexit Aftermath

Pecan Deluxe, a British wholesale and topping supplier, launched DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) as a buying option because it’s the easiest route for customers who just want to take delivery of products without any involvement with customs, Duty/VAT etc.

Like many other UK Food businesses post Brexit, Pecan Deluxe Candy Europe was suddenly faced with numerous challenges exporting to their many European customers and this had the potential to damage previously good business relationships.  

The ability to sell with DDP means:  smoother logistics, customs clearance & inspections & reduced supply chain costs which all assist with keeping prices down.

The company decided to use Calais as the single point of entry to the EU, enabling vet inspection & clearance to be streamlined at one place. In addition, the whole procedure is now managed by a single import broker resulting in a much faster, more efficient shipping process.  After entry, the goods are free to circulate within the EU without any requirement to deal with customs officials at multiple border points and the consequent delays that would normally result from this. The haulier can drive directly to the customer without the need to divert to discharge a T1 Transit document.

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