Dawn Foods Introduces Non-sticky Donut Glaze

Dawn Foods has developed a highly freezable, thaw-stable, non-sticky donut glaze, which will allow bakery manufacturers to supply longer shelf life donuts that do not end up in a sticky mess inside the shelf ready packaging. The glaze uses a patent-pending proprietary formulation that prevents the migration of moisture from the glaze to the donut.

According to the company, once applied, the glaze will remain stable and non-sticky for up to five days in packaging. Not only does this make it more appealing to the consumer, but also the donut itself will stay fresher for longer, maintaining its soft texture.

The glaze works well on large industrial scale production lines. It is vegan-suitable and free from food colors. It also does not contain titanium dioxide, commonly used in baking and cake decorating to turn fondant icing, modeling paste and white chocolate into a brilliant shade of white.

Dawn Foods said the new glaze would benefit both the bakery manufacturer and the retailer. Donut manufacturers now have the opportunity to explore more packaging design options, especially for individually wrapped products. And for the retailer, the selling opportunity becomes extended and more pleasant with mess-free donuts and an increased shelf life.

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