Fi Europe 2022: Innovation Awards Winners

Food Ingredients Europe awarded the most innovative products featured at the trade show that takes place December 6 to 8, 2022, in Paris. Here are the winners:

Sensory Innovation Award

Cargill (USA) for Gerkens Sweety Cocoa Powders, two natural cocoa powders that enable 30 percent sugar reduction in chocolate drinks, without the need for sweeteners or artificial ingredients.

Sensory Innovation – Highly Commended

MycoTechnogy’s ClearIQ is a natural, clean-label bitter-blocker and flavor-clarifier. 

Diversity and Inclusion Innovation Award

Ingredion (USA) for its Women in Ingredion Business Resource Group. Established in December 2020 to empower women for an equal future, the group now has an inclusive network of members across EMEA, Asia-Pacific, North America and South America.

Diversity and Inclusion Innovation Award – Highly Commended

DSM’s commitment to brighter futures for all – improving the working lives of PwDs in Brazil.

Food Tech Innovation Award

Sweegen (USA) for its novel bioconversion process for the production of Bestevia Reb M, the first new stevia ingredient produced via a new production technology to be approved for use in the European market by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Food Training & Education Award 

Mane (France) for its Food Development Training with flavorist students at ISIPCA, Paris, and future chefs at the Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland.

Sustainability Innovation Award

Ofi (Singapore) for Cocoa Compass, a project that provides 100 per cent traceability for cocoa produced across nine countries, and makes sure that farmers earn a living wage, child labour is eliminated and the natural world is protected.

Plant-based Innovation Award

Bunge (USA) for its PurePro pea and faba proteins. Delivering 2g protein per serving, PurePro can be used to create superior vegan cheeses with improved sensory and nutritional profiles.

Health Innovation Award

Limagrain (France) for LifyWheat wheat flour, a multipurpose functional ingredient for bread, pasta and biscuits. High in fiber and resistant starch, LifyWheat helps reduce blood sugar levels after a meal and has a prebiotic effect on gut microbiota.

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