Baking Reinvented: The Year of Innovations

With iba as a catalyst in bakery innovations encompassing all aspects of the business, 2018 has been widely anticipated for new entries to ranges of solutions that can optimize, simplify, revolutionize baking processes.

The major market players in the industry have launched their latest R&D efforts, which in some cases meant several types of solutions; here is a selection providing highlights into how operations can be upgraded.

Smart Laboratory Instruments

Before serial baking, industrial or artisan, there is laboratory baking, intensive work in developing new products, recipes, or methods. Brabender has introduced three new products and smart instruments for intelligent laboratory workflows.

The Duisburg-based business showcased at iba its most important portfolio, including the GlutoPeak, Farinograph-TS with Aqua-Inject, MT-CA and ViscoQuick, with a selection of smart laboratory and measuring instruments. All the instruments presented feature Brabender’s smart MetaBridge software as standard or as an add-on, which enables them to communicate with one another. One instrument automatically sends the information it generates on to the next one in the analysis chain, which eliminates the need for manual transmission of data with its inherent risk of transmission error. The results are more accurate and reliable, saving time and money.

The ViscoQuick was exhibited for the first time; it is an all-purpose instrument for fast, reliable measurement of material properties, which enable you to draw conclusions about viscosity. This is an important measurement, as the amount of viscosity has a direct impact on a product’s consistency. It is a key parameter of how a flour handles when being processed. The baking properties of flour depend, in turn, on starch gelatinization and the enzyme activity in the flour. Markus Löns, director food division Brabender, explained: “A high level of enzyme activity can be a cause of sticky dough. This can cause problems during processing.” Taking measurements using the ViscoQuick only requires small sample quantities to be able to determine the enzyme activity (alpha-amylase) in flour and the gelatinization properties in starch and products containing starch.

Live Extrusion

Brabender also provided a live demonstration of another product innovation in operation – the TwinLab-F 20/40, a new, user-friendly, flexible food extruder. In terms of food and animal feed extrusion, it is ideal for product development and formulation enhancement purposes. Applications range from pasta, flat bread or snacks to animal or fish feed, even insect proteins. A wide range of different dies and screw elements are available for this purpose. Texturized vegetable proteins (TVP) can be produced in combination with the Modular Cooling Die. The live demonstration featuring extrudate made from soya accordingly attracted a great deal of interest from visitors to the booth.

Brabender also showcased a demo laboratory featuring its 3-Phase-System at its booth. Visitors were able to examine the Farinograph, Extensograph and Amylograph as well as the GlutoPeak and the new ViscoQuick closely while measurements were being taken.

The first impressions were collected during the Munich trade fair: “We received from our guests a very positive feedback; our visitors were impressed by the new lab extruder TwinLab-F 20/40 and the broad range of applications which can be performed with the device. Another main focus of the visitors was related to live measurements in our Demo Lab, Jürgen Willmann, the company’s sales director, shared with us.

In keeping with the hot topic of “gluten-free”, Brabender presented the FarinoAdd-S300 – another innovation for the analysis of kneadable doughs and gluten-free flours, e.g. those made from corn or rice. This add-on component consists of a stamp and a clamp to attach the Measuring Mixer S 300 to the Farinograph-TS. Markus Löns explains: “Doughs made from gluten-free flours are currently en vogue, but they are not very elastic. Because they don’t form a gluten network on account of a lack of gluten, you have to “force” them to be kneaded using a stamp. The clamp attachment prevents the dough from pressing upwards. This also means that the kneading chamber cover is not raised out of the kneading space. This enables water and flour to mix better.”

Brabender’s Sergej Gall, who was conducting several trials in the demo lab, also shared with us his insights into working with wet doughs, which is another growing trend. “Generally, sticky doughs can also be analyzed with the 3-phase system. The Farinograph can still be used for liquid doughs, but instead of the 300 g mixer the P600 mixer should be used. Furthermore, liquid doughs can also be analyzed with the Viscograph, MVAG and ViscoQuick,” he told us.

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Award-Winning Project Enables Energy and Costs Savings

Energy and cost savings, better pastry quality and increased hygiene in production: WACHTEL’s project IONIC HAZE won an Innovation Award at this year’s iba, where it was also launched. It represents an innovative approach to revolutionizing the flow of steam in baking processes. The steaming process is crucial for a good quality of most baked goods.

At the same time, it is a particularly energy-intensive process within the baking process, the company detailed. WACHTEL has recognized the problem of energy saving and has found a solution with IONIC HAZE, as the system combines the atomization of a fine aerosol by ultrasonic nebulizers with the ionization of the dough pieces. In this way, no moisture gets on the conveyor belt, which leads to better hygiene conditions. Within seconds, thanks to the perfect wetting of the dough pieces with aerosol, at least 30% energy is saved. In addition, the water consumption is significantly reduced. The payback period is less than one year.

The new project is backed by an extensive timeline of thorough R&D, the company’s specialists told us. Visitors at iba were able to watch the dough moistening process through ionization live at booth. “This process has now been perfected and bakers can enjoy advantages like huge energy savings or improved product quality.” The IONIC HAZE is a result of the successful cooperation with ttz Bremerhaven, a research institute in Germany.

How are the energy savings accomplished? While the IONIC HAZE is still in a trial period, the reduction of energy up to 50 % is accomplished thanks to savings in steaming at steaming device, we learned.

Since 1923, the company headquartered in Hilden (near Düsseldorf) has been producing state-of-the-art ovens, refrigeration systems and loading systems for the bakery trade. Their customers are real bakers who do not produce their bread in fully automatic baking lines, but still traditionally, by hand in the bakery or close to the customer in the store. WACHTEL supports this craft and does not deliver to discounters. To date, more than 5,000 bakers and confectioners are using the company’s equipment, from small owner-managed craft bakery to medium-sized branch bakery.

Cutting-edge in-store Baking

DEBAG Deutsche Backofenbau GmbH has presented a number of pioneering products dedicated to simplifying in-store baking. The multifunctional DECON-DEDEC baking unit is among highlights in the company’s new entries to the portfolio. It lets users offer the maximum range of products with just one

baking unit, the company explained. The e.CLEAN 500 – the first automatic 500-day oven cleaning system is also among DEBAG’s new innovations, considerably reducing the workload on staff in the bakery branches; and the new “One-Touch” control can be used to operate two ovens from a single control display.

With “Baking 4.0” in mind, DEBAG’s “umbrella” of brings together innovative software and assistance systems that employ automation to simplify workflows and baking processes. There was a real buzz from visitors to the trade fair, especially for these new developments in technical baking:

  • CLEAN 500 – the first automatic oven cleaning system with a 500-day refill cycle
    Once filled, the supply of cleaning agent lasts for a minimum of 500 days*. Refilling the cleaning agent is straightforward and takes place as part of DEBAG’s customer service. The cost of purchasing, storing and disposing of the cleaning agent is likewise eliminated. Dosage quantity and program start are controlled automatically, meaning that no further operator interaction is required. In addition, the cleaning agent is HACCPcertified (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points).
  • FilialNet oven connection software – new functions
    FilialNet oven connection software enables an unlimited number of devices (ovens, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems) in different branches to be connected. This can even be achieved irrespective of state borders. The software makes managing baking programs clear and convenient, creates transparency around user behavior and improves control, DEBAG said. The connected ovens can be controlled and maintained remotely at any time and from any location. New for iba, DEBAG presented a high-performance reporting module and expanded user management features.
  • One-Touch control – one control for two ovens

Modular and Multifunctional:

The expansion of the family of DECON products, featuring clever modular construction, generated a real buzz, as the details of the DECON can be fully customized depending on space requirements, bakig quantities and range of products.

The DECON-DEDEC brings maximum variety with a single baking unit: the combined baking unit including the multifunctional DECON oven and the newly-developed DEDEC stove oven (DEcon DECk oven) embodies the benefits of three devices in one machine: in-store oven, combi-steamer and deck oven – and enables bakers to offer a very wide range of products: from pastries and biscuits to artisanal breads, hot snacks and nutritious meals of fish, meat or vegetables.

The future is sometimes in the past, as shown by the popularity of the company’s retro design of the GALA 35, MONSUN MINI, MONSUN CITY and HELIOS in-store ovens, as well as the newly added DILA. They all feature elegant black fronts and high-quality, brass-colored fittings. The MONSUN CITY in-store oven was presented at iba for the first time in a new design and featuring an elegant TOUCH control.

“We are very pleased with the way things went for us at this year’s iba trade fair and the conversations that we had, which indicate excellent follow-up business opportunities for our exports following the trade fair. There was keen interest in particular in our multifunctional DECON, DECON-DEDEC and DILA-HELIOS ovens, which has encouraged us to expand further into this area. It were our new “e.CLEAN 500” and FilialNet connection software that generated the biggest buzz among visitors, however. In future, bakers’ and retailers’ success will, to a large extent, be influenced by the intelligent digitization of baking processes. We are therefore offering our customers a broad range of innovative software solutions and assistance systems under the umbrella of our “” that can automate baking processes. Our guarantee greater process reliability and consistent baking quality, help to reduce energy costs, and save valuable work time,” explained Oliver Theiss, head of sales at DEBAG.

Koenig Elements

Koenig themed this year’s iba appearance “Koenig Elements” to symbolize how to bundle the power of the four elements water, air, earth and fire in the Koenig machine program.

Koenig was awarded the iba Award for the multifunctional belt stamping station. Among other things, the punching module is decisive for a large variety of pastries. As punching tools are relatively expensive, Koenig has developed a series-flexible stamping station that is not only multifunctional, but also bundles several work steps into one module. All in all, the stamping station offers an output of up to 80 strokes per minute. In donut production, for example, calibration, flattening and stamping are performed with one tool in one step only. The stamping station can also be used for products such as pizza, bagels and biscuits.

The new belt stamping unit can be combined with a KGV plus roll line, but also with other industrial Koenig lines. Characteristics include:

  • multifunctional, row-flexible module for a variety of applications
  • for individual decorative stamping, cutting, embossing and forming of dough pieces such as donuts, bagels, choux pastry rings, cinnamon rings, biscuits, etc.
  • maximum capacity of up to 80 strokes/min. (version with 2 modules), which corresponds to an output of 57,600 pieces per hour with 12-row operation
  • the multifunctional design of the stamping heads enables an exact punching on the conveyor belt in only one step and increases the product quality
  • different tools, stamping tools and embossing forms selectable and retrofittable at any time
  • number of rows can be adjusted flexibly according to customer needs and product requirements
  • can be used for dough pieces from the dough sheet or from dough dividers and is compatible with other Koenig industrial modules
  • stamping tools exchangeable without additional tools

The company earned another iba trophy for the Artisan SFM dough sheeting line in “Easy Clean” design. The Artisan SFM dough sheeting line in the “Easy Clean” design is a modular system. It is easy to clean, since the most important parts such as rounding belts can be disassembled and are not attached to the surfaces due to their special properties. Since the system can be quickly converted to different products, it is very well suitable for artisan bakeries.

Wolfgang Staufer, CEO, summarized Koenig’s presence at iba: “We are very satisfied with the fair. The quality of the visitors was extremely high, including numerous new contacts. The interest in turn-key projects was very high, which is very positive for us, as we have also been providing this area with greater support for several years. Compared to 2015, we were again able to welcome more artisan bakeries this year, which makes us very happy. Koenig is one of the few suppliers on the market that covers the complete bakery process for the artisan baker as well as for industrial bakeries. As a result, iba has once again proved to be the most important trade fair for the entire baking industry.”

Ice Water Chillers

At IBA 2018, Baktec presented her new range Ice water chillers: the BKL ICE EF. This range is provided with the refrigerant R290. This makes this range eco-friendly and ready for the European rules for 2020. The ice water chillers also consist of a powerful IP54 stirring motor. Because of the climate change, a powerful and eco-friendly water chiller is very much wanted in the industry, the company explained. Baktec’s ice water chillers ensure very low water temperatures with minimal impact on the environment.

Extruder and Depositor

Among the exciting new launches that were exclusively shown at IBA, Aasted presented the new Alice™ II extruder and depositor, a new dough feeder and high-speed wire cutter.

The Alice™ II provides entirely new possibilities for creating the finest and most unique confectionery products, the company highlighted. It is built on an innovative concept, that gives more control and freedom while increasing quality.

The new Alice™ High-speed wire cutter is an extremely gentle and accurate dedicated wire cut machine for higher capacities, both in terms of a number of cuts per minute, extrusion capacity and working width.

In addition, the company’s latest dough feeder comes with a new and innovative concept that makes it simple and easy to clean. It is particularly robust and reliable, plus is extremely flexible in terms of handling masses.

Furthermore, the AMC SuperNova tempering machine and the Nielsen Junior enrober were also displayed – a combination that can significantly enhance product quality.

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