KPM Analytics Launches Innovation for Offline Product Quality Checks

KPM Analytics introduced the new TheiaVu E-Series Offline Vision Inspection System, specifically designed for bakery applications.  

The TheiaVu E-Series is a standalone vision inspection system that collects measurements of unique features of many types of baked goods, such as buns, rolls, English muffins, donuts, cookies, and more. The system provides fast, accurate, and consistent measurements of size, shape, color, and toppings, to define and evaluate final product quality. The all-encompassing tool offers a broad range of data for quality assurance and product development. Bakeries can also inspect products before and after baking to validate the product performance and ensure customer specifications are met.

TheiaVu E-Series is mounted on wheels, making it easy to move; it’s simple to use for the operator, and it replaces manual measurement and data collection. With this single tool, bakeries can collect objective measurements, and the data can be used with online vision systems to set and verify product specifications. A scale can also be integrated with the inspection system to allow weights to be incorporated into the data collected and reported by the system. Two models are available – a non-washdown version and a fully compliant washdown version with a wider belt width to accommodate larger products.

“With over 20 years in the baking industry, we recognize the need for simple, objective measurement tools that help bakeries collect important product feature measurements,” states Andrea Bertuolo, Managing Director of Inspection Systems at KPM Analytics. “The TheiaVu E-Series incorporates our extensive experience in both offline and inline vision systems, as well as the latest technology advancements, to support bakeries in their development of innovative, recognizable product features while ensuring final product quality.”

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