Evera Launches 100% Natural Orange Fibers at Fi Europe

Evera, the new 100% natural ingredients company of the Brazilian company Citrosuco, one of the largest global producers of orange juice, launches almost 20 products at FiE 2022. 

Among them, Fiberfeel, a fiber with a puree texture extracted from orange, which, among many benefits, acts as a natural texturizer for various types of food such as jellies, breads, sweets, sauces, fillings, among others. The product has two variations: the “OP” version, which has the original orange flavor and is sweeter; and the “OF” version, which has a neutral flavor and low caloric index. The ingredient is a 100% natural, clean label, and the first to be launched in the world. The other one is Tastelift, another product developed by Evera, made from orange peel, applied to enhance the flavor and natural freshness of oranges in beverages, in addition to being used in sauces, toppings, fillings, among others.

Evera seeks to make the most from orange surpluses, such as bagasse, peel, leaves, flowers, and seeds – produced by the parent company, Citrosuco – to produce ingredients for different industries. With investments around US$ 9 million for research and development, and initial production installation, the company is born with 18 products for more than 90 applications, including plant-based foods such as ketchup, mayonnaise, smoothies, and vegan hamburgers, where Evera ingredients can be used. At this first moment, the focus of production will be on supplying the food and beverage industry. 

“After years of studies, we managed to achieve unprecedented results in the market, which will contribute to revolutionizing the way that we consume food, bringing greater nutritional value and more healthiness. We are optimistic with Evera’s operation and our expectation is to be able to deliver around 3 to 5 thousand tons of new products in the first year”, says John Lin, Evera’s Chief Business Officer.


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