King Arthur Launches Climate Blend Flour

King Arthur Baking Company launched its newest flour product, Regeneratively-Grown Climate Blend. Climate Blend Flour is an innovative blend of unique wheat varieties grown using regenerative practices, helping farmers improve soil health and farm resilience.

As consumers become increasingly interested in seeking opportunities to shop sustainably and support environmentally friendly companies, the company says that Climate Blend Flour offers bakers a planet-forward product they can feel good about, without compromising taste and quality. The regenerative flour offers a rich, nutty flavor and tender texture and can be used in any recipe that calls for whole wheat flour – including bread, muffins, scones, and other beloved baked goods.

“I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve accomplished alongside our friends at The Breadlab and the dedicated farmers who grew the wheat supplying our first batch of Climate Blend,” said Suzanne McDowell, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability at King Arthur Baking Company. “King Arthur Baking has always taken our role as environmental stewards seriously, and we’re elated to bring this climate-forward approach to the baking aisle to further spread the joy of baking while renewing the soil that feeds our communities.”

The certified regeneratively-grown flour was created in collaboration with the Washington State University Breadlab, an organization that breeds wheat varieties that are better for the soil and encourage sustainable farming practices. Climate Blend is a unique blend of wheat varieties developed by the Breadlab that were created with soil health in mind. Among these is an innovative perennial wheat which will grow back naturally without needing to be planted again for 2-3 years.

The wheat for this batch of Climate Blend was grown in North Dakota and Montana by multi-generational farmers who are looking to change the way that they grow their crops and steward their land, Brock Linker and Brandon Bock.

In an effort to provide transparency and accountability around regenerative agriculture practices and impacts, Climate Blend is a certified regenerative flour by a trusted third-party organization, Regenified. Climate Blend is now available on King Arthur’s direct channels and exclusively at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide.

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