Exclusive: Europeans Buy Private Label Tortillas, Dough and Breadcrumbs

Private label bakery and confectionery products owned an important part of the market share in 2018 in many European countries, according to the PLMA’s 2019 International Private Label Yearbook, based on Nielsen’s data. 

On markets such as Austria, Belgium, Spain or Finland, the market share of private labels categories overreached 50%. Another interesting aspect is the growth of some private label products such as tortillas, doughs or pre-baked goods. 

Private label cereals registered important success in Austria, where the category reached 56.5% by volume market share and 43.8% by value. The confectionery category also obtained 28.3% of the market share by volume, while by value it reached 19%. As a top product in this category, by volume, “pastry/filled products” reached a market share of 93.7% last year, while by value it recorded 89.9%. “Reform/OTC Natural sweeteners”, with 91% market share, is an interesting mention in top 20 product categories by value. 

Tortillas Perform Well 

In the Czech Republic’s private label market share in 2018, the confectionery category reached 19.2%, by volume, and 12.9% by value. Surprisingly, in the top 20 product categories in 2018 by volume we find tortillas, with a market share of 56.7%, while by value, frozen sweet pastry achieved 65.7%.  

In Poland, the category of cakes and desserts is standing out with a private label market share of 34.9% by volume and 29.8% by value. Again, tortilla enters the top 20 product categories with 74.2% by volume, and 65%, by value. The gainers in 2018 were baby biscuits – a growth of 14.1% by volume, and 8.4% by value. 

In Slovakia, the confectionery category reached 20.5% of the private label market share in term of volume, and by value – 14.1%. Tortillas (64.3, by volume) and gingerbread (volume – 62.9%, by value – 54.3%) entered the top 20 product categories. 

In Finland, the private label market share of the baked goods category, by volume, was 10.6% and by value – 7.5%; the confectionery category reached 14.9% by volume, and 9.8% by value. In top 20 product categories, fresh dough reached 73.2% by volume, while by value – 64.0%. Fresh dough was also included in top gainers with a growth of 10.2% by volume, and 9.7% by value. 

Frozen is Trendy

In France, the volume of biscuits reached a 35.4% market share, while the confectionery category obtained 14.5%. By value, biscuits had 27.1%, and confectionery – 10.2%, according to the PLMA’s Yearbook. In this country, frozen pastries entered top 20 product categories, reaching 78.2% by volume and 78.8% by value. This was also one of the gainers in 2018, with a growth of 7.3% by volume and 8% by value. In Portugal, frozen desserts entered top 20 product categories by volume, reaching 93.8%, and by value – 90.1%. By value, packed toasts recorded 5.0%.  

In Hungary, the confectionery segment reached 29.6% of the private label market share, by volume (and by value –  20.0%). In this country, frozen pizza entered the top 20 product categories by volume –with 60.0% market share and by value with 50.1% market share. By value, muesli also entered the top 20, with 4.6% market share by value. In Italy, semi-baked bread recorded an important growth – 8.7% by volume, and 9.4% by value. By volume, “other bread substitutes” category also registered a growth of 7.8%. 

In Germany, in private label market share by category, confectionery/snacks covered 35.8% by volume (31.1% by value). With a 76.6% market share, pre-baked goods/products entered the top 20 product categories, by value. Top 10 gainers in 2018 included sweet filled wafers with 8.1% growth (by volume) and 9.2% (by value). 

In Greece, the private label market share for dry grocery/bakery was 42.4% in volume, while confectionery was 27.1%. By value, this category recorded 33.0%, respectively 18.9% for confectionery. Croissants and kritsinia were among top gainers, with growths of 1.2%, and 0.9%, by value. 

In Norway, the private label market share brought confectionery category at 3% by volume and 3.8%, by value. The product gainers were “other grain products” with 20%, by volume, and 21% by value, and cereals – with 6.5%, respectively 5.6%. 

All the Biscuits

In Belgium, the bakery and biscuits category stands out with a market share of 66.2% by volume, and 52.5% by value. A noteworthy product for this country is gingerbread, which has recorded a market share of 99.8% by volume and 99.5% by value, in top 20 product categories in 2018. 

In Spain, bakery and biscuits reached a market share of 60.5% by volume and 47.5%, by value; while confectionery – 37.5%, by volume and 25.6%, by value. Spanish appreciated private label rusks and toasted bread, which reached 94.7% by volume and 85.7% by value; breadcrumbs – 87.8% by volume, and 79.7% by value, and bread rolls – 84.7%, by volume. Top 10 gainers in 2018 included assorted biscuits – 10.8% growth by volume and cake and sponge cake mix – 7.4% growth by value. 

In the Netherlands, bakery and biscuits market share was 44.0%, by volume, and 45.8%, by value. Confectionery reached 19.9% by volume, and 18.8% by value. In this country, frozen desserts entered top 20 product categories in 2018, with 72.4% market share by volume, and 69.9% by value. Refrigerated cakes and pastries reached 70.2% market share by volume, and 83.3% by value. At the same time, prepacked bread had a 52.7% market share by volume, and 57.0% by value. As gainers, refrigerated cakes and pastries reached 3.1%, by volume and 2.4%, by value. 

In Sweden, the bakery category reached 15.5% by volume and 11.5% by value; while confectionery – 8.9% by volume, and 5.3% by value. Again, the dough products entered the top 20 product categories, with a 64.1% market share by volume, and 56% by value. As a gainer, dough products recorded growth by 6.9% (volume). 

In Turkey, flour entered top 20 products with 62.8% market share by volume and 53.9% by value. Baking aids were among the gainers in this country, with 10.0% growth by volume, and 6.8% by value. Powder desserts rose 14.9%, by value. 

In the United Kingdom, the private label market share for bakery products was strong – with 61.5% by volume, and 58.8% by value. Confectionery reached 24.6% by volume and 21.4% by value. Among top 20 product categories in 2018 were pizza bases (100%), by volume and value. French baguettes reached 98.1% by volume. Flans/quiche/pastry products reached 16.7% market share, by volume, and 15.6%, by value.  

Photo source: PLMA

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