A Look Inside the Cooling Chamber

Cooling chambers are designed for intensive cooling of the baked bread. They offer smart solutions both in terms of facility footprint and energy use, aside from offering control over the cooling process. Slovenian equipment specialist Gostol –Gopan d.o.o. gave us insights into the use and customization of cooling chambers, as well as into the cooling process itself and innovations in this field.

As part of overall solutions for bakeries, Gostol – Gopan d.o.o. Nova Gorica also offers cooling chambers. “A cooling chamber is intended for intensive cooling of baked bread. The cooling system in the cooling chamber uses air from the surrounding environment. In case of high temperatures, air is additionally cooled with the cooler and cooling aggregate thereby providing for the minimal use of additional energy for cooling,” the Slovenian company told us.

What can this equipment be customized according to bakers’ product range and facility/capacity requirements?

Gostol’s cooling chambers are made taking into account the facility and capacity available in the bakery. In many instances, this facility/capacity is limited, making these cooling chambers a viable solution, since they can be installed above the tunnel baking oven, which means significant saving of the bakery facility. They “allow the users to select the cooling time and intensity in relation to the buyer’s wide production program,” Gostol – Gopan explains.

What are the main components?

According to Gostol – Gopan, cooling chambers comprise:

–          Transport elements or carriers of cooling chambers are adjusted for various types of baking products and provide for easy cleaning and disinfection.

–          Chamber frame may be either plasticized or can be a stainless-steel frame.

–          Good insulation of the cooling chamber.

–          Cooling aggregate.

–          Pusher for loading of the cooling chamber adapted to the baking products in the cooling chamber.

Bread collecting unit charging the cooling chamber

Processes behind the technology

From several cooling methods, Gostol’s go-to option for their systems is cooling with air or water; if the air is cold enough, it is used, otherwise water. For product handling, this cooling chamber uses the system of travelling carriers, a system similar with the final proofer.

The carriers used for the chamber are made of stainless steel, on which the products travel along the cooling chamber during the cooling process, explained the manufacturer.

Must-have features

How can the energy used by cooling chambers be optimized? “With the combination of the cooling system and air from the surrounding environment,” is Gostol – Gopan’s answer.

As for the primary innovations the company focuses on, “gradually controlled cooling with the control of moisture and temperature” is highlighted.

You can read more about cooling in European Baker & Biscuit.

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