Two New Menuserve Savory Tarts Unveiled by Central Foods

Frozen food distributor Central Foods launched a new tomato, goat’s cheese and basil tart for the food service sector and updated its Mediterranean vegetable tart. Both Menuserve tarts are 4 inches in diameter, approximately 160g each, and simply need baking to crisp the pastry and heat through before serving.

“Pastry tarts are a popular choice for a light lunch or snack,” said Gordon Lauder, MD of Central Foods, “and we are delighted to be launching two new savory tarts in the Menuserve range – one a brand new flavor and the other with a new improved recipe.”

The new Menuserve tomato, goat’s cheese and basil tart features a tasty cheese and basil quiche-style filling with sun-dried tomatoes in a herb-flecked pastry case, topped with a slice of tangy goat’s cheese. It is suitable for vegetarians. Meanwhile, the reformulated Mediterranean vegetable tart includes a chunky tomato, aubergine, courgette and mixed peppers filling on a bed of tangy tomato sauce, topped with a half cherry tomato, all in a herb-flecked pastry case. It’s suitable for both vegans and vegetarians, yet is so tasty it will go down well with all customers, not just those with dietary requirements.

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