FiE 2019 Looks Beyond Ingredients, with Concepts and Solutions

More than ever before, this field is not only about presenting specific ingredients, but rather about presenting solutions, concepts, and platforms for both manufacturers and consumers. Ingredient producers now talk about concepts such as sugar reduction, clean-label solutions and more, offering wide ranges that help to manufacture different products with specific functionalities and benefits. Moreover, the companies present reports, develop platforms and reveal R&D centers to test prototypes and products. 

WorldBakers selected some of these novelties expected to be seen at Food Ingredients Europe (FiE), in Paris, December 3-5. In an interview with Julien Bonvallet, brand director Fi Global, we analyzed the spotlight Fi Europe & Ni places on ingredients for the baking industry, and the trends we can anticipate. You can read more here: Fi Europe To Showcase Innovation In Four Essential Ingredient Categories

Azelis Exhibits Healthy Indulgence 

Azelis will showcase its most recent formulations: healthy-yet-indulgent and sustainable foods, prepared with products that have a low salt, fat and/or sugar content, or vegan alternatives. 

There are several trends currently shaping the food industry such as ethnicity, ‘premiumization’, ‘on-the-go’ habits of consumers and the rise of vegan and vegetarian alternatives to traditional food choices, the company underlines

For this year’s participation at FiE, Azelis is focusing on the ‘free-from/low in’ trend: food that is free from or low in sugar, fat, lactose, gluten, and so on. Azelis will be showing healthy, sustainable and tasteful options for every meal of the day, including a healthy post-workout snack, the company announces. At the demo desk, visitors can discover Azelis’ dedicated FiE 2019 collection featuring guilt-free, tasty brioches for breakfast, which are full of fibers and has an impressive Nutri-Score A (A nutrition label that converts the nutritional value of products into a simple code consisting of 5 letters, each with its own color. Each product is awarded a score based on a scientific algorithm).   

Andrey Zhukov, market segment director Food & Health, comments: “The formulation and application experts who work in our 18 food laboratories around the globe are continually exploring innovative formulation concepts and FiE is an excellent chance to demonstrate their passion. We want to show our visitors that indulgence and a healthy lifestyle can go hand in hand. We will also be presenting sustainable foods, such as a vegan burger with a low-salt bun and a clean-label vegan crème dessert. Being a promoter of the food labeling system, our lab teams have calculated the Nutri-Score of all the formulations which we will have on display, and we will be able to advise visitors on how to achieve a better Nutri-Score for their products and how to establish the right balance for the different meals of the day.” 

Cargill Unveils Prototypes

The company announces that all prototypes will be available for tasting in their “Food Market” at FiE and visitors will have the chance to discuss their properties and diverse application possibilities with R&D experts.

For example, Cargill will focus on sugar reduction ingredients. “When it comes to the bakery market, indulgence and great taste remain key, despite consumers’ increasing desire for healthier and cleaner options. The challenge for bakery manufacturers is to deliver label-friendliness and more permissible indulgence, via sugar reduction or fiber enrichment for example, while maintaining a delicious taste and an exciting texture,” Meet Peter, Cargill’s Bakery, said.

According to Cargill, 54% of European consumers say “reducing sugar” has become more important in their diet over the last year. On the other hand, 62% of them agree it’s important to indulge or pamper themselves on a regular basis, and 43% are buying sweet baked goods “because they are tasty”. 

Corbion Presents Latest Portfolio Innovations 

Corbion will use Fi Europe 2019 as a platform to showcase its range of solutions for enhancing nutrition, stability and flavor profiles such as sourness across savory foods, confectionery, bakery and more. With new additions to both its PuraQ® Arome and Verdad® portfolios, which boost overall product quality from taste and texture to stability, Corbion’s ingredient innovations provide food processors with the means to deliver safe, convenient and sustainably sourced products to a demanding market. 

“We’ll be exhibiting our largest-ever range of ingredients for sectors including bakery and snacks, beverages, dairy, meat, chilled and ambient foods, and confectionery. Our latest solutions offer food and drink manufacturers more natural, sustainable functional ingredients, ensuring consumer requirements are addressed from the very beginning. At Fi Europe 2019, we will not only be highlighting our pioneering ingredients but also contributing to the overarching conversation about sustainability. This year’s emphasis on more environmentally responsible ingredients and solutions reflects our long-standing sustainability credentials, as well as our development of natural alternatives for colors, flavors, additives, and preservatives,” says Simone Bouman, senior industry director – Sweet & Savory Food, Corbion.

DSM Expands BakeZyme® Portfolio 

Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in nutrition, health, and sustainable living introduces the latest additions to its BakeZyme® portfolio, BakeZyme® Fresh XL and BakeZyme® Master.

Developed to address freshness challenges faced by bakers worldwide, these new maltogenic amylase solutions — which will be showcased at this year’s FI Europe — enable the production of high-quality baked goods, such as on-the-go sandwiches and tortilla wraps, with improved, longer-lasting softness and sensory properties. 

Following extensive trials in a range of bread and flour types, BakeZyme® Fresh XL has been designed to increase moisture and resilience in bread, keeping products soft and fresh for longer. Meanwhile, BakeZyme® Master is a premium amylase that has a similar level of performance as BakeZyme® Fresh XL but also improves the resilience and foldability of baked goods. This solution enhances the sensory profile of bread and delays staling, even when refrigerated. In addition, BakeZyme® Master improves the foldability of tortilla wraps, preventing cracking at folding points. This enables producers to achieve a stronger product appeal for consumers and improve process efficiency for manufacturers. 

“Consumers are increasingly embracing convenient food and bread is no exception. At DSM, we understand that delivering on all consumer needs — from improved texture to longer-lasting freshness — can be a challenge for bakers. This is why we have developed our new maltogenic amylase solutions,” said Kjeld van de Hoef, business director for Baking at DSM.

By introducing BakeZyme® Fresh XL and BakeZyme® Master to their production processes, manufacturers can effectively extend the shelf life of baked goods, preventing food spoilage and thereby reducing food waste. 

IMCD Introduces “Bring Us Your Challenges” 

IMCD announces “Bring us your Challenges”, a consumer paradox experience that explores the latest trends in convenience, health, and sustainability.    

The concept is designed to inspire and support food formulators to overcome the challenges created by changing consumer demands.  

Marc van Gerwen, business group director Food & Nutrition explains: “Food manufacturers need to re-formulate based on the trends and the needs of consumers. Finding that right balance between healthy food that is still indulgent for instance, or convenient products that are premium as well can be a huge challenge. With our technical expertise, knowledge and extensive portfolio, we are able to provide the advice, ingredients and necessary inspiration for manufacturers to succeed.” 

New concepts from IMCD encompass a wide range of consumer trend paradoxes. Here is a selection:  

  • Premium and protein-enriched? – the “bugognese” wrap: a premium, Italian-style, insect protein-enriched sauce formulated into a snack.
  • High fiber and luxurious texture – the cake lolly: a high fiber, multi-layered cake snack.
  • Great mouthfeel and sugar reduced – fruit gummies that are naturally flavored and colored, as well as vegan.

 Ingredion Unveils New Clean-label Report and Prototypes 

Ingredion will launch an exclusive preview report on one of the food and beverage industry’s longest megatrends – clean label – at this year’s trade show.

The report looks at how the clean-label trend has evolved and reflects on what this now means for manufacturers, and the steps the industry should be taking to reflect consumers new-found expectations. 

Insights from Ingredion’s seventh ATLAS Proprietary Consumer Research will also be unveiled as Constantin Drapatz takes to the stage at the Fi Conference Discover Center. His talk “What influences consumers to buy into the clean label megatrend?” will address the trends and influencing factors that prevent or enable a switch to clean labels and also make consumers switch brands.

Delegates will be able to sample a suite of seven recipe prototypes inspired by evolving consumer food and beverage trends including clean label, street food, health and wellness, hidden vegetables and plant power. Designed specifically for the event, these unique recipes show food and beverage manufacturers how they can convert influential consumer trends into indulgent eating experiences that deliver business opportunities. 

Demonstrating the company’s dedication to trend-connected innovation, Ingredion’s team of culinologists will freshly prepare a menu of dishes that balance both consumer and manufacturer needs. Formulated with Ingredion’s highly functional innovations including the recently launched NOVATION® Lumina clean label starches, rice flours, pulse-based proteins, starches and food systems, the menu  includes a vegetarian steam bao bun, a raspberry vanilla tart and a chocolate cherry tart, as well as a frozen chai masala flavored dessert.

Charlotte Commarmond, senior director – marketing and innovation, Ingredion EMEA, says: “The modern shopper is on the hunt for on-trend food and beverage products that are delicious, healthy and convenient. As consumer needs evolve and new trends emerge, food manufacturers face the constant challenge of adapting alongside them to satisfy an ever-diverse range of diets and lifestyle choices, while maximizing efficiencies and speed to market. Clean label, in particular, has an enduring appeal and is now front of mind for today’s modern consumers – which is why we’ll be using our 25 years+ experience and research to uncover the insights helping the industry to meet and even anticipate, consumer demand in our exclusive report and conference presentation.” 

KRÖNER-STÄRKE Presents Spelt-based, Vegan and Clean-label Ingredients  

Wheat and starch specialist KRÖNER-STÄRKE will be showcasing their full range of natural ingredients for the food industry at the exhibition in Paris, including the company’s newest offerings, Vital Spelt Gluten and Spelt Starches.

KRÖNER-STÄRKE’s Vital Spelt Gluten and spelt starches are clean-label products, produced from 100% spelt flour – without the use of microbicides – contain no additives, are GMO-free and meet the highest quality standards. They are recommendedl for breads, bread rolls, pastries, and baking mixes.

In addition to that, the German ingredient supplier has developed a wide range of clean-label ingredients, which are introduced at the exhibition as well.

To meet the growing demand from different sectors, KRÖNER-STÄRKE will be launching their new product Seed Adhesive, a clean-label ingredient for improving the adhesion of seeds and cereals on baked products. This product will support bread producers to deliver perfect-looking commodities while reducing the amount of waste in regard to production process and supply chain.

Also included on the menu for food manufacturers attending FIE are KRÖNER-STÄRKE’s Instant Flakes for a wide range of end-use applications. Excellent cold-swelling properties and water-binding capacities make for the perfect breakfast-porridge/cereals to support a healthier lifestyle, according to the company’s announcement.

From their established portfolio, KRÖNER-STÄRKE will present the gluten-free wheat starches SANOSTAR and SANOGEL as well as their wide range of various pregelatinized flours and starches.

In addition, KRÖNER-STÄRKE offers an extensive selection of organic wheat products (starches and gluten) that conform to the Naturland Association for Organic Agriculture directives, focusing on transparency and credibility along the entire value chain. 

Ohly Launches New IP Lime Powder 

Ohly announces a new innovative range, which combines benefits that are hard to bring together in a ready-to-use seasoning – an authentic flavor profile and a free-flowing dry powder: PRODRY® IP Lime Powder, the company details.

The new ingredient has the most authentic real lime taste that can be bought in powder form today, the company claims. This brand new, IP product has also been developed as a direct response to strong market demand. 

PRODRY® IP Lime Powder is made from Identity Preserved limes from California and Latin America. It’s the ‘go-to’ ingredient for lime-flavored dry formulations. 

The clean, acidic lime flavor of PRODRY® IP Lime Powder comes from real lime puree and juice from citrus latifolia and citrus aurantifolia limes. PRODRY® IP Lime Powder is allergen- and gluten-free. It is suitable for vegetarian and vegan products, as well as being Halal and Kosher certified.

The products retain all the volatile aroma components for maximum consumer experience. The dry powder is convenient to handle during processing and ensures consistency in food preparation. In addition, powders have approximately six times longer shelf life than liquids making them an ideal alternative. 

Jan Bebber, global Marketing & Supply Chain Director says: “Our PRODRY® IP Lime Powder is another great addition to Ohly’s PRODRY® range. It’s real lime in powder form to give manufacturers an authentic taste of lime in a wide range of products. And it stands as representative of what our customers can expect from Ohly in the future regarding new Culinary Powders with authentic taste.”

Roquette: The Food that You Love

Roquette, a global leader in plant-based ingredients for food, nutrition and health markets, will present to visitors how the plantbased ingredient solutions are part of the consumer’s daily life and help maintain a healthy lifestyle whatever the need.    

Visitors will be invited to try a menu of new food concepts, created by the company’s food application experts, to see firsthand how they address consumer needs and trends:    

– “Make it clean for me and for the planet”: A burger topped with tomato ketchup, inspired by plants with Nutralys® Textured Plant Protein and Roquette FC 20 Functional and Clean-label Starch;    

– “Help me obtain a healthy lifestyle”: A  pound cake reduced in sugars with Nutriose® Soluble Fiber;    

– “Enhance sensory experiences”: A creamy dairyfree ice cream with Nutralys® Pea Protein. 

Tate & Lyle and Sweet Green Fields to Showcase Stevia Sweeteners 

Tate & Lyle PLC will be showcasing some new additions to its growing stevia platform at the upcoming trade show. 

Visitors will be able to sample products made with Tate & Lyle’s portfolio of stevia-based ingredients, developed in partnership with Sweet Green Fields, including Zolesse™ Natural Flavour.

This newest addition will join the existing portfolio of stevia solutions, which has been specifically designed to boost taste profiles and lower cost-in-use across a range of product categories, including hot and cold beverages, dairy products and confectionery.

Zolesse™ is labeled as a natural flavor and has been developed to deliver a clean taste profile in carbonated soft drinks and flavored waters, building on Steviol Glycosides’ taste modulation properties. It will be available to sample at the show in a cranberry and elderflower water and an orange-flavored carbonated drink.

Olivier Kutz, category manager for beverages, bakery, and confectionery at Tate & Lyle, said: “We are seeing an increasing appeal among consumers for clean-label products so it’s important for us to offer solutions that will help manufacturers to meet this demand, while also offering great taste. Zolesse™ Natural Flavour will enable us to help manufacturers meet ever-evolving consumer needs, at an optimized cost. Tasting is believing, so we encourage visitors to come to our stand and try prototypes made with this latest addition to our toolbox of stevia solutions for themselves.”

Visitors will also be able to sample a number of prototypes that demonstrate how Tate & Lyle and Sweet Green Fields’ range of stevia sweeteners combined with the company’s fiber and texturizing solutions can help manufacturers to tap into the health and wellness trend. This will include a low-fat and sugar-reduced chocolate dessert with OPTIMIZER™ Stevia™ 3.10.

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