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Eurostar’s 2018 Predictions: Lupin Bread and Purple Pizza Make the List

British supplier of commodities and ingredients Eurostar Commodities and BiteUK have made predictions for 2018, including trends which will influence the market in the new year. Eurostar talks about Brexit, about the vegan trend, as well as ingredients like lupin and lupini beans. New assortments of pizza and healthy snacks are also on their watchlist. Here are their findings:

1. Brexit will continue to dominate headlines as the details are ironed out.

There are huge issues and a lack of clarity around work-force and exchange rate, the ingredient supplier considers. Many businesses will prepare for a hard Brexit and seek out alternative supply chains predominantly with old commonwealth countries. “As these new agreements are made, we’re going to see trade with New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, India and Canada.”

2. Vegan will continue to grow and mainstream brands like Prét A Manger will continue to roll out veggie stores, meaning foodie brands will continue to include vegan as a pillar in new product development. “We predict that vegan protein will continue to feature strongly and will perform at a higher level than organic during 2018.”

3. Lupin or lupini beans are the yellow legume seeds of Lupinus genus. They are traditionally eaten as a pickled snack food, primarily in the Mediterranean basin and Latin America. Lupin “significantly” lowers blood pressure and improves insulin sensitivity. Lupin-enriched foods help with appetite control. “A study at the University of Western Australia found people who had lupin bread for breakfast ate up to 20% less for lunch than people who ate white bread for breakfast. When people eat lupin-enriched bread they feel fuller more quickly and that fullness lasts, so people eat less at their next meal.”

4. Turmeric: 2018 is going to be the year that Turmeric comes to the forefront of consumer’s flavor palate, considers Eurostar. Turmeric is the spice that gives curry its yellow color. It is mildly aromatic and has scents of orange or ginger. It has a pungent, bitter flavor and it has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal herb. It contains curcuminoid compounds with medicinal properties that have powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant.

5. Healthy snacks boom: 2018 will see the continued boom in terms of healthy snacking, says the British supplier. “The British public is wise to hidden sugars and salts and wants to eat different formats and healthier ingredients (avoiding refined sugars and binders in favor of chicory and fibers). Healthy snacks catering for specialist diets are going to come into the mainstream because texture and taste has improved significantly.

6. Green and purple pizza: Looking around the world, pizza is understood as a different culinary concept, especially during the last few years. The increase of well-being awareness has led to a more conscious “good way of eating” which is only the starting point of the pizza’s revolution. “Pizza bases made from vegetable flours will grow and feature strongly, tying in with the gluten free trend that will continue to grow using natural ingredients. These alternative flours are made from beetroot and spinach creating a stand-out purple or green pizza base which tastes delicious and will satisfy the most discerning healthy eater and children alike.”

7. Significant increase in Asian fusion cuisine in the home: Asian fusion has been around for years, but what will happen differently is the proliferation of home cooking and usage. The combination of great flavor, consumers looking for healthier dinner options and the ready availability of core Asian ingredients on the high street will bring these more exotic dishes into people’s homes for Tuesday night tea. Eurostar is expecting to see people making their own sushi with pho (Vietnamese) noodles entering everyday lexicon. These dishes are quick to cook and very tasty and satisfying. The new China town development in Sheffield is just one example of these ingredients being readily available to a mainstream market.

8. Brown rice is growing rapidly at the moment. As part of the health trend, people are turning to brown rice as a healthy carbohydrate to serve with virtually any meal. It will start appearing on restaurant menus, in sushi rolls and many more options on the supermarket shelf. There are many health benefits – brown rice’s high magnesium content is good for heart, and it is perfect for digestion and gluten-free diets. Brown rice contains 88% of the recommended daily amount of manganese. It has anti-inflammatory properties and fills up, providing energy for those watching their weight.

10. Pizza for breakfast: What’s the most important nutritional value within a pizza? Carbohydrates, Eurostar answers. “There is no better time than breakfast to enjoy a good pizza! The key point relies on creating a pizza that offers the right nutrition levels that are required at breakfast time.” The concept is not new – very popular in the Rome region (Italy) is a crunchy slice – a perfect little pizza served in small portions, firm enough to be a perfect base topped with cold toppings (meats, ham etc.), raw vegetables and fresh fruits and served in the mornings.

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