Toufayan Launches New Line of Hearth Baked Keto Breads

The American bread brand Toufayan Bakeries launched its first line of keto breads. Keto Pita, Wraps, and Flat Breads are aimed at keto lifestyle consumers looking for soft breads ready to grab in their local grocer’s deli department.

The Keto Pita and Keto Flat Bread both pack 7g of protein and 13g of fiber per serving with only 18g of carbohydrates and zero sugars. The Wraps are also sugar free, with 12g of fiber and 5g of protein. Toufayan is known for its wide range of fresh baked goods, including specialty offerings that are gluten free, low carb, low sodium, organic, sprouted grain and more.

“We take great pride in baking our family’s favorite breads for families across the U.S.,” said Karen Toufayan, VP of marketing and sales for Toufayan. “Within the Toufayan ‘family’ and across the country, people following a keto diet have been missing their favorite bread products. We are thrilled to introduce Toufayan’s first line of keto-friendly breads and hope they love them as much as we do.”

Toufayan Keto Pita, Wraps and Flatbreads are shipping to the deli section of stores nationwide now and are also available on Amazon.

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