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Nov 30th 2017 - Dec 3rd 2017
Hong Kong International Bakery Expo
Apr 19th 2018 - Apr 23rd 2018
Apr 29th 2018 - Apr 30th 2018
Toronto Bakery Showcase 2018 Trade Show
Sep 15th 2018 - Sep 21st 2018

Global celebrations and holidays remain one of the drivers of the bakery products market, and the companies are competing in launching dedicated items for sharing and for gifting, targeting these occasions. 


Ancient grains are making a comeback in terms of healthy baking, with consumer demand driving this comeback. Perhaps it’s a ‘back to the future’ scenario, but old habits die hard and catering for this healthier taste is not that simple.


As an event strictly dedicated to the bakery and confectionery industry, südback stirs the enthusiasm of professionals in the industry, participants, exhibitors, and journalists, when the time to start is near. 


There is something special and comforting about the aromas of baking bread - whether it’s a childhood memory of your grandmother baking in her kitchen or that inviting warm smell of fresh croissant from a corner boulangerie, writes Andre Erasmus.


Bakery and confectionery are not the only industries confronting with an apprentice and trainee crisis, but they may gain over an opportunity that other industries don’t have: image. Nowadays, we can see an important improvement of the traditional chef portrait, along with the traditional baker and confectioner images.

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